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• Back •.NET controls for Visual Studio in desktop, web, and native mobile • Best Value • • • • Other Products • • • • • • • • • • • • Deliver a full reporting solution with extensive.NET API, data visualization, viewers, and designers • • • Take total control of your documents with high-speed, intuitive document APIs • • • • • • Build powerful spreadsheet apps with components and designers • • • • HTML5/JavaScript controls with support for Angular, React, and Vue • • Specialized Extensions • • • • • • • • Support & Learning. Posted 10 September 2017, 12:22 pm EST I bough't and downloaded component one studio enterprise today form site (ver 2008). I had previous version (not licensed) installed on my computer. Anime magic knight rayearth sub indo movie 21. Now, i uninstalled previos version and installed new fresh one. During installation it didn't ask me for seral number. When installation process finished, i opened new project and try to create form with ribbon component.

New window pop up and ask me to Purchase, Activate or Register. I clicked on Activate and filled form with serial number, pressed OK button but nothing happend. (Nag screen appears every time i build application.) I just can't activate it. What should I do!

I registered product on componentone web site. Replied 10 September 2017, 12:22 pm EST Hi, There are 2 possible problems that could cause this. Both are easy to solve. You might actually have a license on your machine from your previous installation. If so, you will need to remove that license (see this article for help: ) and then re-activate your controls. If you don't have an old license on your machine, you will need to get the c1licensing.exe file and put it in your bin directory. You can get the file here: and place it in this directory: C:Program FilesComponentOne Studio.NET 2.0bin If neither of these work, please contact our support team for further assistance.

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Replied 10 September 2017, 12:22 pm EST I am not sure if people are describing what I am going through but it is all very similar. I started this job a few months ago. My machine was built from scratch and every thing was installed new. I can use the C1 controls on my machine through the VS2008 desktop IDE but when I Publish my web site to a server I get the nag screen for the menu control but not the grid. I have the C1Licensing.exe file in my bin dir. I have also added the serial number through the IDE but I can't make it happy on the production server. Mytheatre v4 0 130 crack cocaine for sale.

In my Toolbox I can see controls for drag-and-drop like C1WebGrid and C1WebMaskEdit but NOT the menu. Is this a clue? It doesn't show on other machines here but I think I am the only one using the C1 menu. I also tried uninstalling then reinstalling but no help (article ID 1906). I have version 2.0.20071.150 of C1.Web.Command.2.dll if that helps. I just updated to version 2.0.20073.170 - no help. License no worky.