I found this on Mac OS X Tiger PPC’s Facebook’s page and it seems to be working very well, at least the comments are very positive It’s basically Adobe Flash 11.5 for PowerPC! I know this steps away from our norm, but the policy of Mac PowerPC is to share all options for PowerPC, with a focus on the free and readily available! * Adobe Flash 11.5 – P.S.: This is infact a hacked plugin! We decided to share it with you because the idea of Mac PowerPC is to share all the information/apps/news about Mac OS X PowerPC. This is not 100% secure, if you do try it – do so at your own risk. Popularity of iPad, mobile browsers and such forced web developers to phase out flash in favor of HTML5.


Cara hack wireless dengan cmd tricks command Flash player for powerpc powerbook running Tiger 10.4.11. Promote cracked software. Someone actually discovered a Flash 11 hack for PowerPC this week in the Apple Communities. Adobe has recently issued another out-of-band emergency patch for its infamous Flash software for a critical zero-day bug that it is already being exploited by hackers.

That’s pretty nice tendency for all of us, PowerPC users. My Alu G4 PowerBook came a long way, from being “obsolete” to current label of being “able to get the job done”. Now I can watch YouTube content with standalone apps, tinker with online jukebox (html5 version of Grooveshark), use flash-free rendition of StreetView (QS view) or even use modern sites like Airbnb that used to rely heavily on flash back in the day.

I don’t even have an excuse to buy MacBook anymore. Still running OSX Tiger 😉.