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Editorial Reviews. 'In 2005, Lombardo published his full Aeneid, and in doing so. Amazon.com: The Essential Aeneid (Hackett Classics) eBook: Virgil, W. Johnson, Stanley Lombardo: Kindle Store.

Alan Shaw's 1997 essay. Electronic Book Review. 1 March 1997. Retrieved 19 May 2017. • E.g., the younger Pliny, in referring to an orator who prided himself on not attempting to rival Cicero, replied, Est enim. Mihi cum Cicerone aemulatio, nec sum contentus eloquentia saeculi nostri; nam stultissimum credo ad imitandum non optima quaeque proponere.

('I do attempt to emulate Cicero, as I am not content with the eloquence of our age; I think it's idiotic not to imitate the best examples.' ) – Letters I.5.12–3 •. Retrieved 2016-08-31.

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'Crisp, idiomatic, and precise, this is a translation for our era. The list of further reading, grounded in the writings of W.R.

Johnson (who also wrote the Introduction) and Michael C. Putnam, suggests the context that informs the translation: here, as the translator says in the Preface, you will find an Aeneid that works more in the shadows than in the light.. This translation would be excellent for classroom use: not only would it incite fascinating discussions about issues of war and empire, but it also reads well aloud.. Together with Johnson's Introduction, this volume offers the Aeneid in terms that will resonate strongly with the general reader of today.'

—Sarah Spence, New England Classical Journal 'Adapting words of the ancient critic Longinus, [Lombardo] refers to the intense light of noon of the Iliad, the magical glow of the setting sun in the Odyssey, and the chiaroscuro of the Aeneid, a darkness visible. This latter phrase is the title of a famous interpretation of the Aeneid by W. Johnson, who contributes a splendid essay to the translation. Whether recited or read, the present volume stands as another fine performance on Lombardo's part.

Summing up: Highly recommended.' Fantazzi, CHOICE 'Lombardo.tends to let Virgil be Virgil, and so avoids imposing unwarranted interpretation on the unwary reader.. Johnson's] introduction is masterful and illuminating.'

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—Hayden Pelliccia, The New York Review of Books. EBook available for $11.95.

Click for more information. A PEN CENTER USA 2006 Literary Award Finalist Long a master of the crafts of Homeric translation and of rhapsodic performance, Stanley Lombardo now turns to the quintessential epic of Roman antiquity, a work with deep roots in the Homeric tradition. With characteristic virtuosity, he delivers a rendering of the Aeneid as compelling as his groundbreaking translations of the Iliad and the Odyssey, yet one that—like the Aeneid itself—conveys a unique epic sensibility and a haunting artistry all its own. Johnson's Introduction makes an ideal companion to the translation, offering brilliant insight into the legend of Aeneas; the contrasting roles of the gods, fate, and fortune in Homeric versus Virgilian epic; the character of Aeneas as both wanderer and warrior; Aeneas' relationship to both his enemy Turnus and his lover Dido; the theme of doomed youths in the epic; and Virgil's relationship to the brutal history of Rome that he memorializes in his poem. A map, a Glossary of Names, a Translator's Preface, and Suggestions for Further Reading are also included.