I did have the Crane HRM watch a few years ago before i got my Garmin. The first thing to go wrong with it was the buttons falling out. So maybe a question mark on the build quality but $99.00, 2 yr wnty and a think he said in the video, 16hrs in gps mode is a positive. Cheers for the info redbackrun. I was toying with buying a watch for my first Ultra, so with a potential battery life of 16 hours, I'm very tempted.

Aldi crane gps uhr software solutions free

Especially for $99. I can't really justify the cost of a Garmin, when I'd really only use it for 1 race this year. • Includes chest strap, USB cable and bicycle handlebar mount • Features: Compass, 4 training modes, GPS navigation routes and calorie consumption • 30m water resistant • Batteries included • Available in assorted colours • Export your run or cycle data to popular apps using.gpx file • View map image • Watch instructional video I tend not to use Windows, OSx and such.

Aldi Crane Gps Uhr Software Solutions

In fact I keep a WIndows machine for the sole purpose of getting my Garmin watch data!!. I am wondering what file transfer mechanism they use. USB connections can be some sort of serial port ( like Garmin do) or a mass storage device. Very interesting. It would be ver cool if its a simple mass storage and I can just grab GPX files. I managed to survive the scrum, and get a watch. The functionality looks great, and setup/menu navigation is easy.

Garmin, Polar and others need to watch out: Aldi is entering the multi-sport GPS watch market! The budget supermarket's new GPS Unisex watch has an impressive-sounding list of features, for a very enticing price. The news module was installed. This news article is not using the Summary field and therefore there is no link to read more. But you can click on the news heading to read only this article.

I'll be taking it out for a test drive tomorrow morning Did the same Pom. Any idea how to download the driver? - got to the and no further I went this arvo and couldn't find them anywhere, was thinking I had missed out until I asked the kid at the tills and he said he had a few left under the till.quality. Will get it out the box and have a play tonight, get it charged and then game on. First time for me at the Aldi Saturday sale table. Some of those 80+ year old grannies held their own throughout the push and shove.

Two packs of sox for me. Are they any good? What I do know is that I can buy 17 pairs for the price of one Thorlos. Look forward to Pom's DCRainmaker review on the watch.

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The Aldi sports socks are the best. I still like my Thorlos for special events but the Aldis are the day to day numbers. Bought some for 2 sons and daughter but thet still pinch mine.