La voce di giulia loquendo tts voices. A Boston-based startup that develops autonomous aerostats, announced today that it has received $7.5 million in new funding from SoftBank Group. The capital will speed up the launch of SuperTower, a project that uses Altaeros’ tethered balloons (pictured above) to bring broadband wireless to rural areas.

Altaeros was founded at MIT in 2010 and has raised funding from SoftBank Group Corp., Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the Suhail Bahwan Group and Ratan N. Tata, and has received technology development grants from, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the National Science Foundation. Dec 5, 2015 - PS File Edit Image Layer Type Select Tf^ter 3D View Window Help HOT FIVE #2. The Four- Dimensional Human Laurence Scott Once you've cracked the lingo, delve into. To have over 200 million downloads, Shazam is a genuine must-download. SKYPE Video call anywhere in the world for free?


This is the second time has funded Altaeros. Its was used for the development of Altaeros’ airborne wind turbines to provide renewable energy. Altaeros, whose other investors include Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and RNT Associates (Indian industrialist Ratan Tata’s investment vehicle), has now raised a total of about $20 million. SoftBank’s interest in Altaeros is understandable: not only is, but it also holds a majority stake in Sprint and SuperTower may give the telecom (and its competitors) new opportunities.

Launched in 2010 at MIT, Altaeros’ team anticipated from the beginning that its aerostats can be used for many commercial applications, says co-founder Adam Rein. Over the last two years, the startup has focused on developing SuperTower to answer increased demand for cost-effective broadband infrastructure that can cover rural areas. The SuperTower is a tethered aerostat that floats 800 feet above ground. Altaeros says it enables telecoms to expand their LTE (and future 5G) networks to rural areas at “up to 70% lower cost, in half the time and with significantly lower energy” than conventional towers. SuperTower can be deployed for permanent or temporary use, like during an emergency. An obvious question is what advantages does SuperTower offer over and, which use high-altitude balloons and solar-powered planes, respectively, to provide low-cost broadband coverage?

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Rein says SuperTower’s key difference is that it integrates easily into existing networks. “From the carrier’s perspective, the SuperTower is just another tower type. It uses the same radios and antennas and permitting frameworks, and it provides last-mile connectivity to the end users in exactly the same way,” he explains. SuperTower is less expensive to deploy, however, and covers a much larger area. Rein claims that one SuperTower can provide coverage equivalent to 30 conventional towers. Unlike Project Loon or Facebook Aquila, SuperTower aerostats remain fixed to the ground with conductive tethers, which also provide electricity for high-capacity radio. This means SuperTower can handle large numbers of people engaging in high-bandwidth activities, like streaming videos.

Project Loon and SuperTower both provide last-mile connectivity, but Project Loon uses solar panels and batteries. This limits how much capacity it can handle, but Rein says this also means it is suited for use in very rural areas where there are a few users spread out over wide distances. But Facebook Aquila, as well ass, can complement SuperTower because they provide middle-mile connectivity, while SuperTower is meant for the last mile.