Please note: the Open Rails downloads do not include any content - routes, rolling stock, activities - just the simulation program. If you have content suitable for Open Rails or Microsoft Train Simulator already in place, then you can use the Open Rails program to operate those routes and drive those locomotives straight away. If not, then you will have to install some models or before you can use Open Rails. Or, you can try out our free. It's a large download (250MB) but this will get you driving straight away.


Train Simulator Add-ons for Microsoft Train Simulator Train Simulator Add-ons for Microsoft Train Simulator High quality add-ons for serious train simulator fans around the world by 3DTrainStuff.com All of our products are now available for download! SP CAB FORWARDS AT TRUCKEE ON DONNER PASS W elcome to 3D Train Stuff, a leading international developer of high quality train simulator add-ons for Microsoft ® Train Simulator. Our train simulator addons feature many different types of railroad operations over many different eras, from modern diesel to vintage steam, from passenger trains to freight trains, infact, we have a train simulator add-on for just about anyone and everyone who has an interest in railroading. TWO TRAINS MEET AT THE HORSESHOE CURVE AT CALIENTE ON TEHACHAPI PASS O ur experienced team of 3d artists, route builders, programmers, sound engineers, retired railroad employees, and even railroad historians help us make some of the best train simulator add-ons available for Microsoft ® Train Simulator. And our secret to making great train simulator addons is actually quite simple, everyone here at 3D Train Stuff loves railroading with a passion, and it shows in everyone of our train simulator add-ons. THE DIESEL SERVICE FACILITY AT WEST COLTON T o see what we mean, please take a moment to check out some of our train simulator add-ons listed here, or visit our.

Etekcity si 7200nd driver updates. And if you have any questions, please feel free to email us; Looking for the Microsoft Train Simulator program? 13 more days in hell hacked full screen. Link opens in a new window THE SOUTHWEST CHIEF AT SULIVANS CURVE ON CAJON PASS A MEET AT SOUTH MOJAVE AMTRAK SOUTHWEST CHIEF NEAR BARSTOW FP45 COMING INTO BAKERSFIELD ON TEHACHAPI THE SOUTHWEST CHIEF LEAVING BARSTOW ON CAJON THE CITY OF SAN FRANCISCO ON DONNER PASS SOUTHWEST CHIEF NEAR DEVORE, CA ON CAJON PASS OPERATIONS OVER THE HUMP AT WEST COLTON ESPEE BLACK WIDOWS MAKING A RUN OVER DONNER PASS = FROM THE 3DTS TRAINMASTER= Are you looking for a more advanced train simulator program?

Then you owe it to yourself to check out our new Run8 Train Simulator program. Please to learn more about what we have been working on lately. =================== SP West Colton Route - Features the largest classification yard on the west coast and much much more. To learn more Six free activities that cover the operations of two very different freight trains over SP's Mojave Sub (West Colton, Cajon Pass, and Tehachapi Pass II routes). For 'advanced' users.

Amtrak Train Simulator Free Download

Donner Pass Route - 90 miles of extreme mountain railroading over the high Sierras back in the 1950s. To learn more The Cambrian 2 route features 250 plus miles of one of the most beautiful and scenic railways in the United Kingdom, and includes 23 exciting activities featuring passenger and freight operations over the line.

ArcRail simulates the mission of driving a train from start to an end station. Graphics are poor as to get a small download. Would like to see more views options. Choice of three trains.