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A basic zoo in Zoo Tycoon with. The goal of Zoo Tycoon is to create a thriving zoo by building exhibits to accommodate animals and keeping the guests and animals happy. Exhibit-building is one of the primary goals of Zoo Tycoon. To keep the guests and animals happy, exhibits should be suitable to the animal; for example, a lion is best suited to Choices in terrain, foliage, rocks, shelters, fences, toys and the presence of zookeepers all contribute to the suitability of an exhibit and the happiness of the animal. Guest happiness is dependent on animal choice, animal happiness, buildings, and scenery.

Buildings may include bathrooms, restaurants and food stands, shops, reptile houses, aviaries, or entertainment buildings such as movie theaters. Scenery involves aesthetics that raise guest happiness slightly, such as art, light posts, or benches.

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Keeping both animal and guest happiness allows the player to gain monetary awards and steady income. To help manage the expanding zoo, players can employ maintenance workers, zookeepers and tour guides. If the animals are released and escape from their enclosures, they can kill the guests.

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Sometimes, when animals are unhappy, they can attack the zookeeper. There are three modes in Zoo Tycoon: Tutorial, Scenario, and Freeform. Tutorial teaches the player how to build exhibits and keep guests happy.

Scenario mode has the player complete a series of objectives under restrictions. These objectives may include achieving a certain guest and animal happiness, achieving a certain exhibit suitability, displaying a certain number of animals, or breeding a certain animal. Freeform allows the player to choose the amount of money and the map with which they start. They are presented with an open lot and a limited selection of animals, buildings, and scenery available for purchase. As the game progresses, more animals and items become playable. Additional animals and items may be researched, where money is invested to make them playable. Are available for the game and many of them reference characters from.

Expansion packs [ ]. Zoo Tycoon: Dinosaur Digs () features many prehistoric animals as the 'Giant Ground Sloth', or, albeit in this case escaping due to. Zoo Tycoon was created in the wake of the success of the 1999 game, which sold well for many years. Zoo Tycoon did well enough for Microsoft and Blue Fang Games to release two expansion packs: Dinosaur Digs, which added prehistoric-themed items and animals including mythical creatures, and Marine Mania, which allowed aquatic-themed items and animals. Eventually, Microsoft bundled the expansion packs with Zoo Tycoon to create Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection as Hasbro had done for RollerCoaster Tycoon. This had the functionality of both expansion packs and bonus content.


Dinosaur Digs [ ] Released on May 19, 2002, Dinosaur Digs includes 20 new prehistoric animals to choose from including,, and varied as well as prehistoric-themed items and buildings. In addition, new types of electrical fences to accommodate the animals and prehistoric foliage have been introduced. As in the previous game, more extinct animals, foliage and better care for dinosaurs can be researched. Each dinosaur is adopted as an egg. The game introduces a new staff member, the scientist, to care for the eggs and, once it hatches, the dinosaur itself. Despite the fact that the player can purchase electrified fences to keep dinosaurs contained in exhibits, it is still possible for them to escape.

If one does escape, the player will have to hire a dinosaur recovery team to find and tranquillize it so that it can be returned to its exhibit. Marine Mania [ ] The second and final expansion pack to the game wherein players can create and manage underwater exhibits or merge aquatic tanks with traditional land habitats was released on October 17, 2002.