I checked a few places and all it says is its raw and sub will come soon, but thats been there since the nov that just past. Can anyone give my the link to this episode, thanks. Megaman nt warrior axess episode 42:. Soal matematika kelas 1 sd. Burton 3 years ago. How can I start to watch anime. MegaMan NT Warrior Megaman exe Rockman.exe megaman battle network anime. Roll.EXE as a baseball pitcher. Rockman.exe MegaMan NT Warrior megaman battle network Megaman exe anime dub vs sub my reviews. Bahasa Indonesia.

Contents [] Video game appearances Sword Man is one of the second four bosses. His main attack is, an attack that envelops his sword with flames for extra damage. Sword Man can also attack by spinning his upper part rapidly to cut enemies, and drops heavy statues. His stage is a Cambodian temple-like area shown located somewhere in Central Asia, but would be more southeast on the Asian mainland. Strategy The battle can be either easy or hard with or without his weakness,. Sword Man has a number of attacks: • Fire Slash - When Sword Man does that attack, he will try to attack Mega Man by spinning his upper torso, separating it and having it return like a boomerang. Mega Man cannot attack him when he's doing that, but he can slide under him.


• Flame Sword - Sword Man will attempt to stop Mega Man with this attack at close range, which is a flame version of. Mega Man need only maintain his distance to avoid it. • Quake - When Sword Man jumps, a giant version of a Kao de Kahna will drop. Mega Man must slide to avoid it. Oracle licensing rules. • Body Strike - When Sword Man jumps, his upper torso gravitates into the air while his lower torso rams at Mega Man on the ground. Mega Man must be fast to jump carefully and avoid it. Sword Man can use Body Strike and Flame Sword in rapid succession.

When Sword Man's health is below 50%, he will place his sword on the ground and surround himself with a swirling fire pillar. Mega Man cannot hit him during this attack, except with Water Balloon. Touching the pillar does a tremendous amount of damage, but Sword Man tends to do it far away from Mega Man, so it is unlikely the player will get hit with it. Sword Man appears twice as an enemy in the game, and can also become a part of the player's team.

His initial appearance is in the 'Temple of the Moon' in Madagascar (no relation to the in ) as one of backup units, along with. The pair would later join and in working to protect the in 'Dimensional Space'. Data Voices Intro: • ソードマンだ。(Sōdoman da.)'I'm Sword Man.' Taunts: • 'Let's make this a fair fight.' • 'I won't hold back.' • 'I'll do my best.'

• 'Nothing personal, but I've got orders.' Attack Shouts: • 'Body Strike!' • フレイムソード!'Flame Sword!'

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• ファイヤスラッシュ!'Fire Slash!' • Overdrive Attack: 'Huuuh!' If Mega Man completely avoids Fire Slash attack: • 'Impressive.' Cries: • 'Urragh!' • 'Euuugh' (if hit by ) • 'Not yet.'

(if hit by while using Overdrive Attack) Death: • 'Nice shot.' English data Since the is equipped to his arm, it's hard to maintain the balance of his body.

'There's no second chance!' Good Point: Incisive Bad Point: Outdated Like: Swordsmanship Dislike: Faulty swords Japanese data Due to the Flame Sword attached to his arm, his bodily balance is difficulty, so his body has been separated. 'A serious match! Prepare yourself!' Good Point: Vivid sharpness Bad Point: Fashion ignorant Like: Dislike: Chipped blades. Sword Man's silhouette in the trailer.