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What's with the 'Line up and wait command'? I'm a PPL and I've always heard 'Position and hold'? Also 'Taxi to terminal' is the only way to end?

In real-life, I don't go to the terminal, I go to GA parking at the FBO. But I admit I think it's fun.

I bought ATCpro but loaded it up and whoah- it's over my head. I'm not IFR rated- I get SIDS(DPs?) and STARS but don't really understand IFR to the level required, or even know what charts I need (I downloaded the dTPP DVD- Is that it?) • • • •. Another vote here for ATCpro. It's seriously what Xavious ATCC was to a center sim. It's hands down the most authentic air traffic simulation I've ever played. Everything from having the same video maps that the real controllers do to controlling with live weather. Everything is modeled from storm rotation down to hearing the 1k altitude alarm in the cockpit of the aircraft.

It really is amazing. The best part is, when I had a problem with installing the product I emailed support and they never once asked for proof of purchase. They asked for my phone number and I had a developer call me directly and talk me through my issue. They released a massive update today that fixes a lot of the bugs and adds a ton of new features too. Disclaimer: Rereading what I wrote I kinda sound like I'm shamefully advertising the product so let me be clear, although I beta test the product, I'm not involved with the sim or the company at all. I have some history with this guy and his 'ATCsimulator 2'. Unfortunately he has been this way for the past 14 years and shows no indication of ever changing.

I'd hate for someone to give their money to a guy like this for a sub-par product when there are other alternatives on the market that are far better across all fronts. Piano

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