Contents [] Story It takes place after defeated Dante, but she is again bored with the peaceful days without adventures. This time she opens the Door Which Shoudn't Be Opened: B, disregarding the advice from her loyal maid Helene, an additional playable character who is proficient in magic. They both fall into the Elysium World to face a bunch of new villains.

Athena Full Throttle Game Mac

Gameplay The game features traditional RPG elements. Princess Athena has to beat the boss of each stage by using miscellaneous mythological weapons, equipments and items. Without some items, she cannot make it through her adventure. Taurus serial numbers firearms manufacturers.

Athena full throttle game machine

Everything in the game is inspired by Greek mythology or ancient Roman culture including weapons, equipment, items and enemy designs. It features enough primary style as a homage to its predecessor, and many new elements along with the amusing Omake mode for mobile phone users. This game got a direct sequel soon after its immediate popularity which features new adventures in 's alma mater, the 'Winning Witch Academy'. Trivia • SNK Playmore created this game after the popularity Princess Athena gained in her two recent appearances:. External Links • This page uses content from (.

An index page listing Mobile Phone Game content. To program an iOS game, you need to 1) buy a Mac, so that you can 2) download the. Cross Asdivine Hearts Astoria: Fate's Kiss Athena: Full Throttle; Ayakashi Ghost Guild Azur Lane.

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