We want to convert one to rc boating.can any one stear me twards a company or one you are familiar with.I am leaning twards the type of transponder that plugs into the reciever.It would seam that you would not have to worry about recharging the modules.I am 40 years old and president of a large Fast electric Boat racing club in Central michigan.I would like some seriouse input from any one who has experience or ideas.Theese systems I understand are a little expensive and I would like to make sure we make the right decision. Thank you Dennis Whitt.

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I'm from the dirt/carpet world but we use AMB transponders - for our on-road and off-road RC racing. The Digital systems will plug into the RX and draw very little voltage from the RX pack. JLap and Bnb Autoscore are 2 of the companies that have tracking software to count laps. Individual transponders run about $70-100 per if the club members will be purchasing their own. You can also buy racks of them that are comunity transponders that racers return after each heat/race. Plan on spending like $1600 for the reciever that will receive the signals from the individual transponders and another $1600 for the 'Rack' of 20, 10 red & 10 blue. The 'rack' units could probably be water-proofed.

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Hope this helped, if not or you have any Q's fire me an e-mail.

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