01:06:20 And More Then Expanded Version CD 2008 01. It ain't what you do 02. Doctor love 04. What a shambles 05.

Really saying something 06. Cheers then 07. Aie a mwana 08. Young at heart 09. Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye) 10.

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Hey young London 11. Boy trouble 12. Wish you were here 13. Give us back our cheap fears 14. Girl about town 15.

He's got tact 16. Tell tale signs 17. No feelings 18. T'aint what you do it's the way that you do it(vs2) 19. Boy trouble (extended) 21. Girl about town (extended) 22. The funrama theme.

01:11:05 01.Move In My Direction 02.Look On The Floor (Hypnotic Tango)(Angel City Alternative Radio Edit) 03.Waterfall 04.Frequency 05.Feel For You 06.Don't Step On My Groove 07.Middle Of Nowhere 08.I Love The Way 09.Lovebite 10.Rules Of Attraction 11.Your Love Is Like A Drug 12.Venus (Marc Almond's Hi NRG Showgirls Remix) 13.Really Saying Something (Solasso Mix) 14.Look On The Floor (Hypnotic Tango) 15.Move In My Direction (Bobby Blanco & Miki Moto Vocal Mix) 16.Move In My Direction (Angel Citi club Remix). Look On The Floor(Hypnotic Tango) (Solasso Remix) 02. Look On The Floor(Hypnotic Tango) (Seekerz Remix) 03.

Look On The Floor(Hypnotic Tango) (Angel City Extended) 04. Look On The Floor(Hypnotic Tango) (Yomanda Remix) 05. Adobe photoshop tryout verizon. Look On The Floor(Hypnotic Tango) (Solasso Remix Dub) 06. Look On The Floor(Hypnotic Tango) (Soul Seekerz Dub) 07. Look On The Floor(Hypnotic Tango) (Yomanda Dub Remix) 08.

Look On The Floor(Hypnotic Tango) (Angel City Alternative Radio Edit) 09. Look On The Floor(Hypnotic Tango).

Guest reviewer and pop enthusiast Anthony Kay takes a look at Edsel’s recent 2CD+DVD reissues for SuperDeluxeEdition. It’s impossible for me to avoid slipping into syrupy nostalgia when re-visiting these six albums by Bananarama They shaped my childhood.

They have been played more times than I care to remember and I know them pretty much inside and out. It was my babysitter who first introduced me to them as a child, way back in the early 1980s.


She bought records, read Smash Hits magazine and recorded The Official Gallup UK Top 40 every Sunday evening, so to me she seemed like the coolest person in the world at the time. It should happen that my babysitter would leave behind one of her magazines one night, and upon poring over the pages with great interest, I was to fall instantly in love with a trio of moody looking girls starring back at me; Keren, Sara and Siobhan, AKA Bananarama. I was particularly drawn to Siobhan, or “Shuv” as they nicknamed her, not least of all because my babysitter seemed to be styling herself in her image, and for the next 30 years or so, I would be quite the loyal fan. As you may well know, there have been numerous Bananarama reissues, compilations and pressings since their heyday, most of which regurgitate the same old material, so the news of yet more album reissues was initially met with mixed feelings.

So why am I one happy banana this week? Well, Edsel’s set of six reissues boast a wealth of bonus material that WOW!-ed fans when the track listings were first unveiled.

For around £70, you get: six classic pop albums, originally released between 1983-93, expanded as three disc sets (2CD/1DVD – totalling eighteen discs no less!); every B-side and all key remixes collected from various seven-inch, twelve-inch and CD singles; five previously unreleased songs (or four, if you dismiss an earlier, ‘work in progress’ version of one of their hits); a further twenty-eight previously unreleased remixes; all of the group’s promotional videos, six of which are previously unreleased on DVD and nineteen additional vintage BBC TV performances. That’s 188 audio tracks and 52 video tracks all-in. “These new sets were not only crafted with a love for the group, but also a deep respect for the physical music format” Further to the treasure trove of extra audio/visual content, each album is beautifully reimagined as a glossy hardbound book package, boasting a fully annotated and illustrated 28-page booklet. The original artwork has been faithfully reproduced and expanded, with fonts, logos and colours true to the original eras.

So yes, the little fish motif is there, swimming happily along each spine, which is a nice touch. The pouches which house the discs even feature detail on the inside, so when removing a CD or DVD from the third album, 1986’s True Confessions, you are greeted with a reproduced print of the heart-pattern found on Siobhan’s denim skirt on the front cover of the album. It’s this attention to detail which confirms these new sets were not only crafted with a love for the group, but also a deep respect for the physical music format.