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Muktijuddhe Jessore by Asaduzzaman Azad is a popular Bengali Book by Asaduzzaman Azad. The Book was first published in Dhaka, Bangladesh and this is a book about Liberation war 1971 of Bangladesh. Asaduzzaman Azad is a popular Bengali writer.

He is famous for his writings about Muktijudde Jessore which is about liberation war of Jessore Distric in 1971 against Pakistan Government and Militery. In 1971 Pakistany Army started genocide to kill the pepole of Bangladesh (East Pakistan).


Asaduzzaman Azad wrote about History of Liberation War of Jessore, Jessore is first free District of Bangladesh (6 December is free from Pakistani Army), Important war and incidents of Jessore in 1971, Rare photography in Liberation war of Jessore in 1971, Muktijuddho. Download Asaduzzaman Azad Bangla Books, Liberation war Books, Muktijuddho Books, Muktijudder Bangla Boi, 1971 Bangla Books, Jessore in 1971, Liberation war of Jessore in 1971 in pdf format and Read Freedom Fights in Jessore, Muktijuddhe Jessore by Asaduzzaman Azad - Liberation War of Jessore in 1971 Free Download Books.

Anandamela Magazine 05 August 2016 issue is fortnightly edition of Anandamela Magazine. Anandalmela is Periodical children magazine in Bengali Language which is published from Kolkata, India. It is free with Sunday issue of Daily Ananda Bazar Patrika and popular publication of Ananda Bazar Publications. Anandamela Magazine publishes special articles and stories such as Child Stories, short stories, ghost stories, thrillers, Horror, Puzzles, comics etc. This Edition cover story is Old Kingdom and Buildings of Empires. Other articles are Series Mysteries Novel, interesting Stories, Amar Quiz, Puzzles, Amar Boi, Amar School, Khude Protiva, sports news, famous writers articles etc etc.

Download Anandamela Magazine 05 August 2016. Amar Ache Jol by Humayun Ahmed is a popular Bengali Novel which is written by Humayun Ahmed and the book is another popular Book of the author and A movies is created based on the novel. Humayun Ahmed is most popular Bengali writer of Bangladesh and ex lecturer of Dhaka University even he is recently dead. He was famous Author, Dramatist, an Film Maker. He was born in Mymensing at 13th November 1948 and Dead in 19 July 2012 in New York. Her wife is famous actor, Shaon Ahmed. He is a creator of some very popular character’s; Himu, Misir Ali and Shuvro.

Unish Kuri Magazine 19 August 2016 edition is fortnightly issue of Unish Kuri. Unish Kuri is Fortnightly Teen Age, Young & Adults Entertainment Bangla Magazine which is published by ABP (Ananda Bazar Publications), Kolkata. The magazine is popular among Bangladesh and India. It was first published in 4th July 2003.

It publishes Cover story, Teen Fashion, Beauty Tips, Career Guide, Solution of Personal Problems, Campus news, Serial Novel, special articles in special occasion etc. This Edition is special edition of Jokes and it publieshes 72 funny jokes. Other articles are series novel, Health and Beauty Tips, Fashion News, Homeopathy Treatment, Various Writers Articles, Interview, Sports News etc. Download Unish Kuri Bangla Magazine in pdf format and Read Unish Kuri Magazine 19 August 2016 (Jokes Edition). Bisrito Jatri by Rahul Sankrityayan is popular bengali book which is written by Rahul Sankrityayan. The book is about biography of his life and he wrote this by the novel. Rahul Sankrityayan is an Indian Writer, scholar, Researcher, Nationalist etc.

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