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Bit Locker Windows 10 Home

Since I could not find reliable instructions for device encryption without using BitLocker we had to purchase 3 Windows 10 Pro packs upgrades at $99.99 each. We could not determine how to get multiple Pro pack upgrades from any reseller or via Microsoft 800 call. Subsequently we found that the Windows (commercial) Store app. Only allows 10 devices per account.

Microsoft did not have the Business store ready for the release of Windows 10. Now we IT Pros are trying to play catch up and manage IT assets using a tangled mess of Azure AD mixed with local authentication. Windows 10 Home enables BitLocker if the computer has a TPM chip. The Surface 3 comes with Windows 10 Home, and not only is BitLocker enabled, but the C: comes BitLocker-encrypted out of the box. I also had a Dell 3050 (w/ no TPM) with Windows 10 Home installed, and I tried various antics to try to use BitLocker. The underlying command line tool, manage-bde.exe, is there, but refuses to do anything without a TPM chip, saying that I needed to upgrade Windows. After a day of trying, I finally gave up and upgraded to Windows 10 Pro, and then BitLocker-encrypted my C: drive without a TPM.

The same happened with my second external drive. When I am trying to connect the external drive to the other notebook (Windows 10 Home, upgraded from Windows 7), I am asked to insert BitLocker recovery key. On my new notebook I have option device encryption set to on. I do not see any option related to BitLocker, because I have Windows 10 Home.

With almost all Apple devices encrypted by default, and Google/Android quickly moving in that direction, I firmly predict that Microsoft will at some point in the future, enable BitLocker without a TPM in Windows Home. Note that I did not say what numerical version of Windows Home.

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