Archlord server files premade. A rubber pipe as shown in the figure to the right is a good substitute for hand tightening/removing spark plugs. Tightening torque Plug thread diameter Tightening torque 18 mm 35 to 40Nm (3.5 to 4.0 kgm) 14 mm 25 to 30Nm (2.5 to 3.0 kgm) 12 mm 15 to 20Nm (1.5 to 2.0 kgm) 10 mm 10 to 12Nm (1.0 to 1.2 kgm) 8 mm 8 to 10Nm (0.8 to 1.0 kgm) Tapered seat type For (spark plugs without gaskets) Tightening torque 10 to 20 Nm (1.0 to 2.0 kg-m) The tightening angle for both new and reused spark plugs is 1/16th of a turn.

Wash and oil conrod bolts S38 Application torque 5 Nm Torque 30 Nm Torque angle 60 ° S50 Application torque 5 Nm Torque 20 Nm Torque angle 65 °.frb 20/10/97 11.19 Engine Type Screw Measure Unit 11 24 Connecting Rods and Bearings 1AZ Connecting rod bolts S14 55 Nm Replace.AZD11-16.


For reference When it is difficult to use a torque wrench, or when you don't have a torque wrench, tighten the spark plug to the tightening angle shown in the illustration in accordance with the thread diameter of the spark plug. Spark plugs with thread diameter of 18 and 14 mm Spark plugs with thread diameter of 12 and 10 mm Spark plugs with thread diameter of 8 mm Taper seat type New plugs Reused About 1/16 rotations (22.5°) About 1/16 rotations (22.5°) Copper gasket type New plugs Reused About 1/12 rotations (30°) About 1/24 rotations (15°) [ attention ] Please note that the turning angle of a past plug and tightening is different about the following product number. ♦ BCPR6ED BKR5EKUC BKR6EKE IZFR5C BCPR6EKD BKR5EKUD BKR5ETUA PZFR5C BCPR7EKD BKR6EKUC HB6AIX-11P R6469-9 BCPR7EDIX BKR6EKUD HB6BIX-11P R6918C-9 New Plugs About 1/3 rotations Reused About 1/12 rotations ♣ DILZKR7A11GS ILZKR7B11GS ILZKR7B-11S SILKR8A-S R2556B-* R2558A-* New Plugs About 1/4 rotations Reused About 1/8 rotations ♠ CPR6EA-9S CR8EH-9S CR9EH-9S IMR8C-9HES IMR9C-9HES IMR9D-9H IMR9E-9HES SILMAR9A9S SILMAR10A9S SILR6A7S SILR7A7S SPMR8A6HDG R0409B-* R0451B-8 New Plugs About 1/6 rotations Reused About 1/12 rotations. * There are some exceptions. Look at the adaptation for more information. Examples of common installation problems and advise to avoid them. Thread damage from installation Metal shell damage Cracked insulator Examples of bad spark plug wrench usage Spark plug is inserted at an angle during installation Excessive tightening torque Spark plug wrench slipped or used at an angle Do not use the wrench at first.

Start by installing the spark plug by hand. Tighten to recommended torque. Use a hex-type wrench that is less likely to slip.

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