Oct 7, 2007 - Professional Pilot Training (includes ground studies) - A320 or B737NG CBT for download - Hello everyone! Does anybody know where I can. Jan 07, 2018  CBT or Computer Based Training is our self-paced method of learning the technical side of the Boeing 737 Type Rating. Kd max crack keygen download. There are a total of 50 subjects to be reviewed as part of the CBT.

B737 Cockpit Companion for iPad is a conversion of Bill Bulfer's B737 NG Cockpit Companion book series to an iPad app. It now includes the Classics. Since 1998, B737 Cockpit Companion has been a valued resource for airline pilots worldwide. It is a convenient accessible guide to systems, incorporating notes on functionality, 'theory of operation', and Bill's extensive experience as a line pilot with a major US carrier. B737 Cockpit Companion steps far beyond the 'need to know' philosophy that is characteristic of modern systems training, and which frustrates many line pilots.

Boeing 737 Cbt Download

The app is much more than an 'eBook.' At its heart is a powerful database engine that allows a tremendous number of configuration options to be customized without forcing the user to wade through clutter: When you browse a control head, for instance, you will see only content related to that control head. The app features a touch-through navigation scheme, so you can start with the top-level cockpit view, and find notes specific to the panel you deal with. It also contains a number of reference options, so you can look up data without having to work through the control panels. The major features include: - Extensive coverage of the B737-600, -700, -800, -900, the BBJs, and the Classic EFIS/EIS. - The complete text of the B737 NG Cockpit Companion print version--and more.

- All-new, high-resolution graphics detailing every panel and control head. - A note-taking capability. - An extensive index of over 700 items, linked to the main text. - A circuit breaker locator.

- Bill's high-resolution, vector-based schematics. - The content of the B737 Alerts app—a $15 value—optimized for the new database. - An extensive glossary. - A database update feature to help keep the database up to date (requires a wireless connection).

Of interest to students or prospective pilots, we also include: - The content of the B737 QRG app—a $10 value—optimized for the new database (the QRG is a conceptual project, useful for aeroscience students, is not universally applicable, and should not be used in flight operations). - A sample Limitations function. - A sample Master Minimum Equipment List, based on FAA Rev 55a. - An ATA chapter database. As with all products of this type, this program is for informational purposes only.

Your FAA-approved company flight manual is the final authority as to the safe and correct operation of your airplane. NOTE: The app is supported and designed for the iPad 4 and later. Best gtr2 mods.

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