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Software Buddy helps you discover a way to get your people, paperwork, pricing and practices working for you. Join the profit booster club today. Exceptional, Friendly Support. We pride ourselves on offering top-notch customer support that’s anything but second-rate and distant. If you have questions about TubeBuddy, we’ll be there to help you out every step of the way (we call ourselves TubeBuddy for a reason!). Mesmerize ja rule mp3 zippy olx.

We love the program and my son improved, the customer service however needs improvements. We have been one week without the service because our computer died and we want to transfer it to another computer and the company is not returning any of my messages. Update: I just received a phone call from the company.

They are providing me all the information to transfer the program to another computer and have indicated they were replying to my messages. We are doing an investigation as to why i never received anything. Reading Buddy Software helped our daughter make huge strides in her reading fluency and comprehension. At the beginning of 3rd grade she was at the bottom of the reading groups and well behind the 'average' student in her grade.

Reading Buddy really made a huge difference in both fluency and comprehension. She really enjoyed reading on the computer and having the computer correct her instead of having her parents watch her read and attempt to correct her in a timely fashion. Also with Reading Buddy only accepting one word at a time, it taught her to slow down and pronounce every word which in turn helped her read faster and comprehend the text she was reading. The program fails to load properly some of the time, locks up my computer, and crashes. This program is poorly coded.

Was never able to get the program to work effectively for my grandson to use. I have cancelled my subscription and am trying to get my money back.

Updated 3 Sept 2017: After writing this review, the Reading Buddy people called me at work to get me to retract this review. They refused to refund my the money for my purchase is I did not retract the review.

I got my money back from my credit card company. I will not be doing business with this company ever again.

Also, my home computer far exceeds the specs for their software. I have a six core processor with 16 gb RAM running windows 10. If my machine can't run their software 90% of the home computers won't be able to run it. Hope this helps. We're very sorry to hear about Mr. Stroups troubles and we have cancelled his subscription. It's likely that this could have been easily resolved by our free 24/7 tech support and we wish Mr.

Stroup had called tech support and given us the opportunity to resolve this for him. These kinds of problems are rare, but customers should contact tech support for resolution if they occur. Customers should also make sure that their computer meets our system requirements before purchasing (www.ReadingBuddySoftware.com/system-requirements). Stroup didn't contact tech support it's possible that his computer didn't meet our system requirements and that that was the cause of the problem.

Customer Service Reading Buddy Software. We used this program to help our 4th grader grow in her reading fluency. My only reservation was that I wished I had found this program sooner. My daughter grew from being below her grade level in reading at the beginning of the year to meeting her grade reading level at the beginning of Spring semester. She now loves to read and has so much more confidence in herself and her abilities. Her teacher is impressed as well and plans to suggest reading buddy as an option to her future students.

Love this program and well worth the money!

• Application Related Links • • • • • • • This page provides information and links about using Dictation Buddy and how to obtain, evaluate and purchase Dictation Buddy software, optional foot pedals and other accessories. Dictation Buddy supports playback control with a foot pedal and allows you to record from a mic input of the PC's sound card or from an external USB microphone. Download Dictation Buddy no-cost Evaluation You may download, install and evaluate Dictation Buddy, at no cost, for one month. Evaluation copies are available for download by clicking any of the following links. Evaluation copies are fully functional versions of the program, with the exception that the program will expire after 30 days.

If you already have an Infinity USB foot pedal, it will work with the evaluation software. For ongoing use of the product, you must purchase a Dictation Buddy software license. (self extracting file, recommended) 2,275 kb (zip file) 2,056 kb System requirements: 32-bit or 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7, 8, 10; sound card.

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