Jul 21, 2018 - Am trying to stream to wowza server with the following command in casparcg version 2.2 but with no success. Solitaire and spider solitaire for wpfc. Streaming with the following.

Hi Folks, please someone guide how to Stream using HEVC Codec i’m able to stream with this command ADD 1 STREAM udp:// -codec:v libx265 -format:v mpegts but video is skipping and lagging or like playing at x2 speed PLAY 2-1 udp:// i tried to play it both on casparcg and vlc but the result is same even on another machine. Server: Server 2.2 Beta Machine: Workstation Z820 Second, I want to know is there any native protocol or method for transferring video(Casparcg Channel) between multiple casparcg server on network? Without using any streaming?

Casparcg Streaming

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