The FT-736R covers 50. This tone board was used in quite a range of Yaesu transceivers including the FT-736, FT2700RH. EHam product review. > > I have a TS2000X, which is only mediocre in sensitivity and strong signal handling capability, but has good ergonomics. It is useful as an HF backup rig and I use it for VHF/UHF roving, at which it excels. YAESU FT-736R Ham Radio Transceiver VHF/UHF Cat System ALL-MODE Equipment Unit YAESU FT 736R Ham Radio Transceiver VHF/UHF Cat System ALL-MODE Equipment Unit. Measures about 15″ W, 13″ D and 6 H.

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- Better than FRS! - 40 Channels of Fun - Flex Your SDR Muscles - Hardware/Software Development - Valves. The hard way - ham related youtube, podcasts and more. Got my FT-891 today and got it all hooked up and ready for the RTTY contest, only to find out that it has some sort of USB issue. Constant beeping from the internal speaker (external speaker plugged in also exhibits this) when connected via USB and software (N1MM/HRD) is communicating to it. Sounds like coupling between the speaker and USB circuits maybe?

Very frustrating! Nothing but power and USB connected. Check out the vid - thoughts? Volume is fully muted in the vid. I know the 991 is in some ways the same, have any of you had similar issues? Frustrating, looks like I got hit with early adopter woes.