Here is a tutorial on the installation and configuration of CCcam on the Vu+ decoder under a BlackHole 3.0.x image and CCCAM 2.3.2 For this tutorial you need. Twistedbrush pro studio portable.

Its the dream 800hd pvr and when you boot up it says enigma 2 on the bottom left corner of tv with a background picture of that palm tree island in saudi arabia if that helps, plus its says the cam is, camd: mgcamd2 1.31/newcs2 1.65 or i can use camd: mgcamd2 1.31 or camd: common interface no option for there for cccam 2.2.1!!!!!!!!! It spose to be a genuine box, i also have a 800hd clone with cccam 2.1.4 and that works fine, but even with that one there is no softcam option after i press setup(but don't need it on that one as like i said its all working ok.. I have a dm8000 and dm800(clone) both are using PLi images and both have Cccam 2.2.1 installed and working. If I'm correct Cccam 2.1.4 was installed using the plugin menu which downloaded and installed it from the server and it was automatically updated when doing a software update check. I also have installed Cccam info v1.3c.

If I press the blue button and select PPanels I get Cccam PPanel select this and it gives me 8 Cccam options to choose from. Using the Menu, setup, softcam/CI I get select softcam or restart softcam. I'm not sure why you can't get the PLi image to work I suspect you have a clone and need a patched image to get it to work.

OpenVix 5.0 on a solo2 i did as you said ((((Use the file CCcam.mips32el from post 1 above, send the file to /usr/softcams with ftp and set permissions on the file to 755 it will then be seen in Vix softcam manager.)))))and its still saying CCCAM 2.3.0 on mine. Sep 04, 2011  CCcam 2.2.1 for LT images CCcam 2.21 ipk that includes, CCcam 2.21 binary, LTCam script and CCcam config file. FTP to /tmp/ and install via LT Menu, Addons, Manual Install.

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