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SI Games Official Patch - v3.9.68 Description The initial installation of Championship Manager 2001/2002 is identified as 'v3.9.60'. The SI Games Official Patch 'v3.9.68' includes a number of bug fixes to 3.9.60. This is also the patch that you will need to install in order to then install data updates and league patches. Installation Instructions Once you have downloaded the official patch to your machine, simply run the 3.8.68.exe file and it should install automatically. Technical Support If you are having problems following the above instructions, please post in our ' section. New to version 3.9.68 West Ham duplicate strikers bug fixed Finnish Premier Division teams corrected Games not running in all languages fixed ARSE command problem fixed England + English Conference + Scotland problem fixed Australian NSL: Number of teams entered to comp fixed, number of foreign players allowed bug fixed Player surnames not appearing on Team of the week screen fixed Fixed problem with Polish First Division relegations Fixed problem with Argentine Second Division [Korean] Extended length of Media strings [Korean] Updated Korean player and team data.

Game or Patch Questions? Visit MAIN N E T W O R K Championship Manager 3 System Language Protection CD Cover: PC::: - Index • • • • • Official [2.7 MB] Relics File Archive [2.8 MB] File Archive [2.8 MB] File Archive [1.9 MB] Update Instructions: • Install the game - Full Installation. • Extract & Install the update. • Play the Game! Blackwhack File Archive [4 KB] Play Instructions: • Install the game - Full Installation. • Download the. • Use WinZip (or any other ZIP archiver) to extract the UPDATE.DAT file to the game directory.

• Extract the CM303F_C.EXE Patch from the File Archive to the game directory. • Execute the Patch to generate CM3.EXE.

• Play the Game! Speed Demon File Archive [2 MB] CD-Copy Instructions: • Copy the full contents of the original CD to a temporary directory. • Replace the CM3.EXE with the one from the archive.

• Burn the contents of the temporary directory to a CD-R and use this (case-sensitive) CD-Label: Cm3 rel • Play the Game! - File Archive [2 MB] Play Instructions: • Install the game.


• Replace the CM3.EXE file with the one from the archive. • Extract & Execute the CM3.REG registry file. • Play the game!