Real Madrid may have hit the top of European football with their Champions. Real Madrid players release version of 'Hala Madrid' on iTunes. By John Drayton for MailOnline. Published: 20:21 EST, 25 May 2014 Updated: 06:03 EST, 26 May 2014. Current Time 0:00. While the new versions feature a re-imagined present, the beauty of Championship Manager 99/00 is that now, 17 years after the fact, it's all about an alternate past.

• • • • • Extra Money Go Arsenal, buy Robert Pires for £17.5M. After getting him, go to find player, type 'Pires', and Robert Pires with a different club and only worth £75,000 will appear. Buy him and Man Utd will place a bid for the more expensive Robert Pires at a price of £23M. Accept and Pires will go to Man Utd, but leave you with a profit and the other Pires. Go a rich club such as Manchester United or Barcelona. Mindcrack. Buy players from the club you want to make richer.

Johnstone (Scotland) Gerry McMahon for 7.5m, Nathan Lowndes 6m etc. Submitted by Virus2000 • Free Players And Win Every Match To get free players you must give an offers to as much as you want (even if it goes red) then when you are offering him a contract at the bit where you a choosing if he is indispenseable or not click his name a withdrwn the offer and the offer him nothing, you will still have the contract window open so you can offer him a contract and get him for free. To win every match you must first download a save game editor from a champ site like www.soccergamer.com or www.spamfritter.com and make up your own team (note: you must first take a team out of the division you want to be in) and play the formation 4 2 1 3 and now you have the perfect team. Submitted by PhilipBenningwood • Loaning out Players When you are the manager of a top club i.e. Manchester United and you want to loan out you're players they are usually very reluctant to leave. After you have loan listed them and accepted a bid from a team (before the players gets around to accepting/rejecting the bid) go onto the player and alter his status to 'not needed by the club' continue to the next turn and the player will accept to go out on loan.

Revert his status back to what it was and he shouldn't become unhappy. Submitted by owen • Manage and international team Go to 'Add Manager'. Edit your name, then go to any squad. Click on a player, then click on their nationality (e.g. Ryan Giggs - Welsh). This give you the national squad. Go to the top right hand corner, click on 'Take Control', then click 'Yes'. Submitted by Virus2000 • Get exclusive Championship Manager 99/00 trainers and cheats at Cheat Happens Get exclusive at Cheat Happens. KNOW SOMETHING WE DON'T?You can for this game and help our users gain an edge.

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