How to Configure Cisco IOU on VMware and Add to GNS3 Full Video ----- Requirements to configure Cisco IOU on GNS3 1. Cisco IOU (IOS on UNIX) image 'i86bi-linux-l3-ipbase-12.4.bin' (Router) Cisco. Here I am listing all the working versions of Cisco IOS which I have tested with the latest version of GNS3. Feel free to download them and use them for your.

I'm sure this topic is a common one, but after doing some research I'm still a bit fuzzy on how to best approach purchasing and cabling a lab to help in my studies for CCNP SWITCH. I passed ROUTE with the help of GNS3 labs.

Cisco 3750 Switch Ios For Gns3 Iou Integration

Obviously, that's not a viable option anymore, so it's time to put together some physical equipment. There seem to be several ways of going about it, but I don't know what would be ideal for me. Basically I'm looking for the most reasonably-priced/easiest solution to start with, with the ability to build it out further should that be helpful. At present, I have a Windows 10 PC with a standard integrated NIC. I'm kicking around putting together sort of a 'stand alone' system complete with physical routers to avoid any messing around with my PC and dealing with OS/driver challenges, etc.

Is that a good idea? Or is it easier to interface the physical switches with routers in GNS3? I really don't know. Basically, a comprehensive shopping-list complete with some guidance on how to set it all up would be awesome. That's not too much to ask, is it?

Okay, what I did was I bought 4 3560e switches for about $110 each. This is all you need for SWITCH and CCIE labs.

I then bought a bunch of USB Nics and a USB Hub as per the guide on GNS3Vault. For labs with both routers and switches, I connect my physical switches to my virtual routers.

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I don't think purchasing physical routers is a good idea since it is not scalable. Are you stopping at CCNP or going for CCIE sometime in the future? You're not going to buy 20 physical routers for CCIE labs are you? I think the method above is the most cheapest and scalable. Shop around and you can have everything you need for about $450-$500. Here are the USB Nics, 4 bucks per. Get a couple of these.

You can go with other vendors but I got these since they match my Macs. I bought from GenuineHardware. The 1 year warranty is nice. Rule of thumb for labbing on a budget: Don't buy what you can emulate/virtualize in less time than it takes you to earn the money to buy the equipment.

Buy only what you can't virtualize: If it takes you 2 hours to learn how to virtualize 4* 3725 routers in GNS3, but 27 hours of paid work to be able to buy the same equipment (plus racks, rack ears, cables, etc.), go with the quicker option. Wiping and re-wiring virtual routers is always easier, anyway, and it's far easier to expand upon. Buy only what you can't virtualize: GNS3 now allows you to integrate IOU as a switch, meaning that you no longer need to actually buy switches to get lab practice. People will tell you that 'It's good to get hands-on experience with real equipment', but if your goal is only to pass the exam, you don't need to, unless you have money to burn on it as a hobby. Real equipment is the best solution if money is no object but lets face it, it is for most of us.

I agree with the point to emulate all that you can before you make any purchases. Switch also is not as intensive as far as need for labbing as Route is so you can squeak. I myself mostly use IOU in GNS3 now, however, yes it does have limitations.

This is where it wouldn't hurt to have some real equipment to back up what you cannot do via IOU or cheaper equipment. Also VIRL is an option as well but I believe also shares some of the same limitations explained. IE is a whole different animal so if you are just planning on getting by with minimal equipment to lab on I don't think there is a need in the present to build a highly salable lab. My personal situation being I don't know when I fully plan to chase down IE (sometime over the next 4 years) however my objective in the now is NP so I planned for that as I didn't plan on making a large investment in equipment. Ok so VIRL has the same exact problems as L2 IOU.

It can't do L3 Portchannels, Private LANs, SPAN/RSPAN, and a few others I'm sure I'm forgetting. If it could do all of these it would make sense to just pay the $200/year for VIRL and skip physical gear altogether. Maybe in the future they will support everything and it will be great, but for now a physical/virtual hybrid is the best way to go. Right, VIRL uses the same concept of a Linux OS running IOS overlay, so it has ASIC level emulation issues and the other items as explained above.

So you could potentially get GNS3 / IOU free if you look in the right places. Either way $200 for a year VIRL licence isn't a bad investment either as it would be all that you need to lab on for switch studies. Horizon setup v2 5 10 0 exemptions free. I don't think you could find everything you need physically for just $200.