I have a comcast dvr box that is connected to the flat screen in my bedroom. The problem that I have with the box is that the fan is racing 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and seems to only let up for a few minutes before it sounds like an airplane sitting on the tarmac ready to take flight (the box is always piping hot).

This is the third cable box I have had with this problem of a fan that never seems to turn itself off. I would understand if I were recording something, watching the cable service or had a harddrive full of content. This box is empty, there is nothing on it (zip!!!) and I never ever ever turn the power of this thing on cause I do not ever watch television(it's just there in case I am so mind-numbingly bored that I resort to warching tv). What would cause my (now third) cable box to constantly run piping hot all day when it is never used and contains zero content on it? The box stays on at all times. Even when you turn the power to the box off.

Jan 11, 2018 - The complaint of this X.Vision set top box was it can't boot thus no video and audio from the output port: A/V and HDMI. I opened the cover.

In fact you can check the energy star power consumption chart for the DCX3400 and the power consumption remains pretty much the same whether the box is powered on or off. Motorola Digital Cable Set-top Box DCX3400 cable 27.11 W (power on) 25.29 W (power off) » So that being said the fan is always going to be running, it's not broken and you returning it 3 times isn't going to fix it, in fact it's unfortunate you already went through the trouble of changing it 3 times.

It's the same with all set top boxes from any provider, really doesn't matter if it's a DVR or not (the power remains very close when powered on or off). Pressing the power button really only turns off the output to the TV, the DVR remains on because it has to be in a ready state to record programs if the customer is not home and has a recording set with the DVR turned off. Even if it's not a DVR it needs to stay on to maintain the guide data, The ON Demand Information, The Menus, and it's constantly downloading the guide in the background. Kubota ask r150 manual lawn mower.

This is why you can turn your cable box off for a month straight if you want, but when you turn it back on and press guide it will still have the most current guide data. That's because to put it simply it never really powers down. If it were to fully power down, then the box would react like it does when the power goes out or it's unplugged, meaning it would have to reload the guide data (6-24 hour process), the menus (5-15 minute process), the dvr service (5-15 minute process), and on demand (5-15 minute process)every single time it's powered down. Really your only option if the fan bothers you that much might be to get a older model DVR.