The basic steps to install Ubuntu Server Edition are the same as those for installing any operating system. Unlike the Desktop Edition, the Server Edition does not include a graphical installation program. The debian-installer installer uses a console menu based process instead. May 29, 2017 - First of all, we are going to install Apache tomcat version 7, alongside its additional packages on our Ubuntu server by using below command.

Cmdbuild installation ubuntu server

So I have this issue about installing a specific war application on my tomcat server. I installed the Tomcat Server following instructions (the page is sometimes very slow). I chose to install the Tomcat Server like this following an advice given me by the support personnel from Tecnoteca, which is the italian company that has the CMDBUILD project that I need to deploy (). This beeing said the tomcat server works great, I deployed the sample applications and they work perfectly.

But when it comes to deploy the cmdbuild.war application I have some serious problems. As instructions say I copied the jdbc driver for the postgresql database (which I installed during the installation of the OS) into the tomcat/libs directory. I then copied the cmdbuild.war applications into the tomcat/webapps directory but when I connect to the server I get 'NO JDBC DRIVER' message. (I haven't installed the jdbc drivers for postgresql from synaptic because I'm affraid I might get confused on conflicting jdbc drivers). The guys from tecnoteca have (problably because they have no idea about Ubuntu's Tomcat platform). Download film anime 18 subtitle indonesia the boss baby 2017. The italian hasn't responded.

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