I just tried out the ARM version on my EW F910BT and it works fine. Free hdri studio I just added the ARM install to my SDCard and then ran it from the WindowsCE desktop (from my testmode boot). As said in the earlier post, this is just a mainmenu and you would have to create and integrate each sub-system into it (integration shouldnt be too hard as the menus are configurable to point to any exe).

I suppose the various GPS sub-systems could be taken from the now discontinued LeetLauncher project and the other apps could be found somehow. Definately a good 'toy' for one or more of our coders to play about with, I think they would enjoy it.


Incredible amounts of event data that are being recorded. When people talk about Big Data talk about the exponential growth of data: the exponential growth of the number of transistors on a chip. And this was predicted by the founder of Intel, Moore, and this exponential growth has continued over the last 40 years. Every 2 years, the numbers of transistors on a chip is doubling, so that means that on a chip now there are 1 million times the number of Transistors as there was 40 years ago.

The challenge today is not to generate more data, but the challenge today is to turn this data into real value. And this is a crucial topic. The four 'V' of Big Data are: 1) Volume: we are generating data 2) Velocity: large amount of data are continously adding in a rapid way 3) Variety: we are talkig about many differentetype of data 4) Veracity: you are not sure that the data collected are true.

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