The project manager works for the project, although he or she may be employed by the owner, designer, or contractor. For large projects a team consisting of a project manager for the owner, designer, and contractor forms a group of people who work together to manage the design, procurement, and construction activities.

This course will cover the basic concepts in Project Planning and Control with a focus on construction projects. The course is relevant to Civil Engineering senior level undergraduate as well as post-graduate students in the area of construction management. Practicing engineers who are part of the planning team on construction projects will also benefit from the concepts covered in the course. INTENDED AUDIENCE UG/PG/Industry Participants PRE-REQUISITES Basic Mathematics with Probability and Statistics INDUSTRIES THAT WILL VALUE THIS All leading construction companies. Koshy Varghese is a Professor with the Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM).

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Varghese earned his Doctoral Degree at the University of Texas at Austin in 1992 and worked as a post-doctoral fellow for a year after which he joined IIT Madras. Varghese is a pioneer in construction management education and research in India and has taught courses in Construction Planning and Control to undergraduates / postgraduate as well as to industry. COURSE LAYOUT. Certification Exam *The exam is optional for a fee. (Exams will be on 24 Sep 2017). *Time: Shift 1: 9am-12 noon; Shift 2: 2pm-5pm *Anyone shift can be chosen to write the exam for a course.

*Registration url: Announcements will be made when the registration form is open for registrations. *The online registration form has to be filled and the certification exam fee needs to be paid. More details will be made available when the exam registration form is published.

Certificate *Final score will be calculated as: 25% assignment score + 75% final exam score *25% assignment score is calculated as 25% of average of Best 6 out of 8 assignments. Nintendo eshop code generator no survey no password. *E-certificate will be given to those who register and write the exam and score greater than or equal to 40% final score. Certificate will have your name,photograph and the score in the final exam with the breakup. *It will have the logos of NPTEL and IIT Madras. It will be e-verifiable at. SUGGESTED READING.

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