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Connectivity achieved by use of a Ford Rotunda OTC Sync Generation 2 Programming Cable. Expedition navigation software crack download torrent. - A downstream USB port exists on the rear of the APIM.

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List of Rainbow Tables This page lists the rainbow tables we generated. LM rainbow tables speed up cracking of password hashes from Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating system. NTLM rainbow tables speed up cracking of password hashes from Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating system. MD5 and SHA1 rainbow tables speed up cracking of MD5 and SHA1 hashes, respectively.

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The largest rainbow tables here are ntlm_mixalpha-numeric#1-9, md5_mixalpha-numeric#1-9 and sha1_mixalpha-numeric#1-9. Each has a key space of 13,759,005,997,841,642 (i.e., 2 53.6). Benchmark result of each rainbow table is shown in last column of the list below. We generate hashes of random plaintexts and crack them with the rainbow table and rcrack/rcrack_cuda/rcrack_cl program. Rcrack program uses CPU for computation and rcrack_cuda/rcrack_cl program uses NVIDIA/AMD GPU. Video demonstration of some rainbow tables on: • • • Perfect rainbow tables are rainbow tables without identical end points, produced by removing merged rainbow chains in normal rainbow tables.

To achieve same success rate, perfect rainbow tables are smaller and faster to lookup than non-perfect rainbow tables. In lists below, parameters of non-perfect rainbow tables are in gray.

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