►SUBSCRIBE Battlestrike: Shadow of Stalingrad Part 1 (LAWS OF WAR) HD 1) LAWS OF WAR For the first time since Hitler's betrayal and attack on the Soviet Union, we have time to regroup and prepare for what lies ahead. Metal and ice - have destroyed the fascist plan to conquer the Motherland's Capitol. Thousands of bullets and a million tons of snow falling every day on Feldmarschall Von Kluge's troops brought their Moscow offensive to a halt. Acronis disk director suite portable generators. They had learned nothing from history. They pulled back, defeated, like so many others before them.

The Soviet Union rose up against the occupant, and now the Red Army will not stop until it has slain the fascist beast. The scales of victory have begin to shift in our favor. Until yesterday.

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Battlestrike: Shadow of Stalingrad Another FPS developed in house at City Interactive, this time based on F.E.A.R.' S Lithtech engine. During development the game was known as Battlestrike: Force of Resistance 2 (international working title) and Rajd Na Berlin: Cien Stalingradu (domestic working title). It shipped under the final title Battlestrike: Shadow of Stalingrad, or Battlestrike: Cien Stalingradu in Poland. This marked the first use of the Battlestrike brand in a domestic release.

Game yang diambil dari latar belakang Perang Dunia II ini menceritakan tentang pasukan Nazi yang telah melintasi sebagian besar Eropa dan bergabung dengan pasukan Unisoviet untuk merebut kota Stalingrad, karena kunci kemenangan mereka adalah jatuhnya Stalingrad. Anda harus menyelamatkan kota, dan mengubah gelombang perang sebelum terlambat. Anda dituntut untuk ambil bagian dalam pertempuran di reruntuhan Stalingrad. Memanfaatkan taktik sabotase, membunuh seorang ilmuwan Jerman yang penting, mencuri dokumen rahasia dari basis musuh yang dijaga ketat Gunakan senjata PDII yang realistis baik Rusia (PPSh Submachinegun, Mosin Nagant, Tokarev SVT40, Degtyaryov DPM) dan Jerman (MP40, Luger, Kar98, MG42).