Choose from over 4 million books on Google Play and take your favorites with you for reading offline.

Enhance your experience reading Google Books with Google Play Books! With this app designed for Android, you can select from millions of available books on Google Play, including textbooks, new releases, bestsellers, free classics and more. Customize your reading by adjusting font size and other settings. Choose to read books online or even offline and resume from where you had left off on your phone or computer. Not only does the application offer features like offline reading but also allows bookmarking pages, highlighting text and adding notes while reading.

To make your reading experience enjoyable, the app features elegant page turns in 3D. What makes the tool very useful is the feature that syncs all your bookmarks, notes and reading positions across all your devices. This makes it possible to read a single book from any of your phone, computer or tablet any time. You can search within a book, find geographical info, use dictionary, discover wikipedia and web results right on a single page. You can also choose the font, font size and layout for text books.

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Select from sepia, day and night reading modes. There is also a text-to-speech option which lets you listen to the books if the publisher allows.

One can even upload EPUB or PDF files to the library. With this app, you can enjoy the large collection of books and the useful features of Google Play Books. You get to access more than 4 million books in various categories from favorite classics to the New York Times bestsellers. It also gives you access to the textbooks available for purchase and rent. You get millions of instantly available books to read. Moreover, you can read free chapters as preview from each book. The app is also available for use on PC by downloading it from the BlueStack App Player!

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