May 1, 2018 - purchase a site license for NVivo, a qualitative data analysis software. Floating Server users to allow for real time project collaboration.

OIL SYSTEM WITH TWO PUMPS AND MEANS FOR CONTROLLING CONNECTING PASSAGES IN A TWO-STOKE, OPPOSED-PISTON ENGINE The subject matter relates to an opposed-piston engine that incorporates a pair of oil pumps, a piston thermal management (PMT) pump and a pump for lubricating all engine bearings and a means for controlling their respective outputs according to engine load demands by sharing the PTM pump output with the second pump output to ensure adequate lubrication of all bearings during low load engine condition such as engine idle mode. DUAL CRANKSHAFT, OPPOSED-PISTON ENGINE WITH VARIABLE PORT TIMING A dual-crankshaft, opposed-piston, internal combustion engine includes one or more ported cylinders. Each cylinder has exhaust and intake ports, and the cylinders are juxtaposed and oriented with exhaust and intake ports mutually aligned. The crankshafts are rotatably mounted at respective exhaust and intake ends of the cylinders.

A pair of pistons is disposed for opposed sliding movement in the bore of each cylinder. All of the pistons controlling the exhaust ports are coupled by connecting rods to the crankshaft mounted near at the exhaust ends of the cylinders, and all of the pistons controlling the intake ports are coupled by connecting rods to the crankshaft mounted near at the intake ends of the cylinders. The crankshafts are connected by a timing adjustment mechanism operative to change the rotational timing between the crankshafts, thereby to change the timing of exhaust and/or intake port timing.

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