Prince – 1980 – Dirty Mind Read Reviews, Buy the Album or Download the Album for free Neither For You nor Prince was adequate preparation for the full-blown masterpiece of Prince’s third album, Dirty Mind. Recorded in his home studio, with Prince playing nearly every instrument, Dirty Mind is a stunning, audacious amalgam of funk, new wave, R&B, and pop, fueled by grinningly salacious sex and the desire to shock. Where other pop musicians suggested sex in lewd double-entendres, Prince left nothing to hide — before its release, no other rock or funk record was ever quite as explicit as Dirty Mind, with its gleeful tales of oral sex, threesomes, and even incest. Certainly, it opened the doors for countless sexually explicit albums, but to reduce its impact to mere profanity is too reductive — the music of Dirty Mind is as shocking as its graphic language, bending styles and breaking rules with little regard for fixed genres. Basing the album on a harder, rock-oriented beat more than before, Prince tries everything — there’s pure new wave pop (“When You Were Mine”), soulful crooning (“Gotta Broken Heart Again”), robotic funk (“Dirty Mind”), rock & roll (“Sister”), sultry funk (“Head,” “Do It All Night”), and relentless dance jams (“Uptown,” “Partyup”), all in the space of half an hour.

It’s a breathtaking, visionary album, and its fusion of synthesizers, rock rhythms, and funk set the style for much of the urban soul and funk of the early ’80s. Tracks A1 Dirty Mind 4:11 A2 When You Were Mine 3:44 A3 Do It All Night 3:42 A4 Gotta Broken Heart Again 2:13 B1 Uptown 5:30 B2 Head 4:40 B3 Sister 1:33 B4 Partyup 4:24 Review by asktheages Artistic breakthroughs can often come from many places. Sudden strokes of genius do happen, but quite often, fluke decisions usually end up making for the best music. Such is the case with this album, which is one that I still believe to be one of the finest releases of Prince’s career, and a HUGE leap from his first two albums. I really don’t think anyone who had been following his career up to this point could have predicted this turn.

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The guy who openly admitted he was a virgin on his first album is suddenly doing it with his sister a mere two years later? Can I get a Stone Cold Steve Austin-esque WHAT? It’s usually said that this is where Prince becomes PRINCE for the first time, which I wholeheartedly agree with – this is worlds away from the first two albums in terms of consistency and attitude. So I thought I’d take a little time to explain what exactly that consists of, in my opinion.

This is one of my favorite albums of all time, so this might get long. You have been warned: 1. The very spare Prince funk sound is firmly established here for the first time.

Yes, Prince grew to incorporate the sounds of psychedelia thanks to the influence of Wendy and Lisa, and incorporated more orchestration and horn charts as the years went. However, the prototypical style that ended up being known as the so-called Minneapolis Sound is epitomized by something like “Kiss” – a very spare, dry sound, minimal instrumentation, and impassioned vocals. It may lack the ensemble party flavor of most of the great funk acts, but the Minneapolis Sound was just as influential in its own right, and it begins in earnest on this album. Considering how much I whined about his first two albums being overproduced, this album is almost a complete 180 in terms of style. Animasi pemandangan alam bergerac di. There’s no wild James Brown-like horn charts here, no swirling Mayfield-esque orchestration – just one man, guitar, bass, drums, and synths.

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(Well, two men – Matt Fink plays a cool synth solo on “Head,” the first outside player on a Prince record to date.) I used to not get the “punk funk” label until I got older, because I initially took the term too literally. But if you take “punk” to refer to the DIY ethos, then this album almost certainly would classify as such. (And then there’s “Sister,” of course, which pretty IS much punk funk.) 2. The singing and lyrics. We saw hints of what was to come on the second album – “I wanna be the only one you come for,” courting a lesbian during “Bambi” – but I don’t think anyone could have been prepared for the lyrics on this one. From seducing a virgin on her way to be married in “ Head“, to doing it with your sister on, well, “ Sister“, to the casual line about having a threesome in “ When You Were Mine“this is a VERY different Prince than the first two albums. This is where R&B and soul began the journey to the more vulgar lyrical trends you see nowadays.

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