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Information on how to use Search There are 2 types of basic queries: Terms and Phrases. A Term is a single word search.

A Phrase would wrap a string of words in quotes and find matches on the extact string. Boolean Operators You can combine basic queries with Boolean operators to form a more complex query. Boolean operators define the relationships between Terms or Phrases. Our search supports the following Boolean operators: AND, '+', OR, NOT and '-'. Please note that Boolean operators must be all uppercase.

Lg dm2350d driver AND example search: default AND document This is the default operator. It will be used if there is no Boolean operator between two terms.

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For example: default document is the same as default AND document. In this case both terms need to exist within a listing to find a match on that listing.The + character is synonymous with using AND. OR example search: default OR document In this case just one of the terms needs to exist within a listing to find a match on that listing. NOT example search: default NOT 'document type' The NOT operator excludes documents that contain the term (or phrase) after NOT. So a listing match would have to include the word default but not the phrase 'document type'.

The - character is synonymous with using NOT. Wildcard/Prefix queries You can perform 'wildcard' or 'prefix' queries using the '*' operator. Whereas all of the previous search found exact matches on the whole term or phrase, a wildcard search will find partial matches. Example search: ehr* This query will match all documents containing words beginning with the prefix 'ehr' like the word Ehrlichia.

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