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Author by: Lisa E. Davis Languange: en Publisher by: Charlesbridge Publishing Format Available: PDF, ePub, Mobi Total Read: 63 Total Download: 194 File Size: 46,8 Mb Description: At the height of the Red Scare, Angela Calomiris was a paid FBI informant inside the American Communist Party. As a Greenwich Village photographer, Calomiris spied on the New York Photo League, pioneers in documentary photography. While local Party officials may have had their sus-picions about her sexuality, her apparent dedication to the cause won them over. Age of wushu bot programming tutorial for beginners. When Calomiris testified for the prosecution at the 1949 Smith Act trial of the Party's National Board, her identity as an informant (but not as a lesbian) was revealed.

Her testimony sent eleven party leaders to prison and decimated the ranks of the Communist Party in the US. Undercover Girl is both a new chapter in Cold War history and an intimate look at the relationship between the FBI and one of its paid inform-ants. Ambitious and sometimes ruthless, Calomiris defied convention in her quest for celebrity. Author by: Gardner F. Fox Languange: en Publisher by: Boardman Books Format Available: PDF, ePub, Mobi Total Read: 73 Total Download: 763 File Size: 53,5 Mb Description: Collected from Magazine Enterprises' comic books of the late-1940s, the complete adventures of Starr Flagg, the Undercover Girl, present a microcosm of post-war American popular culture and paranoia from the unique perspective of a female protagonist. In the comics of the atomic age espionage was an almost entirely male occupation but chain-smoking Starr traded punches and gun shots with a bevy of antagonists, both male and female. The stories were all most likely written by Gardner Fox and were definitely illustrated by Ogden Whitney.

Bob Powell provided the three covers for the three reprint issues of Undercover Girl. Author by: Hope Nicholson Languange: en Publisher by: Quirk Books Format Available: PDF, ePub, Mobi Total Read: 43 Total Download: 607 File Size: 49,9 Mb Description: A woman's place is saving the universe. Think comic books can’t feature strong female protagonists? In The Spectacular Sisterhood of Superwomen you’ll meet the most fascinating exemplars of the powerful, compelling, entertaining, and heroic female characters who’ve populated comic books from the very beginning. This spectacular sisterhood includes costumed crimebusters like Miss Fury, super-spies like Tiffany Sinn, sci-fi pioneers like Gale Allen, and even kid troublemakers like Little Lulu. With vintage art, publication details, a decade-by-decade survey of industry trends and women’s roles in comics, and spotlights on iconic favorites like Wonder Woman and Ms. Marvel, The Spectacular Sisterhood of Superwomen proves that not only do strong female protagonists belong in comics, they’ve always been there.


Author by: Jeffrey A. Brown Languange: en Publisher by: Univ. Press of Mississippi Format Available: PDF, ePub, Mobi Total Read: 12 Total Download: 531 File Size: 49,7 Mb Description: Dangerous Curves: Action Heroines, Gender, Fetishism, and Popular Culture addresses the conflicted meanings associated with the figure of the action heroine as she has evolved in various media forms since the late 1980s. Brown discusses this immensely popular character type as an example of, and challenge to, existing theories about gender as a performance identity. Her assumption of heroic masculine traits combined with her sexualized physical depiction demonstrates the ambiguous nature of traditional gender expectations and indicates a growing awareness of more aggressive and violent roles for women. The excessive sexual fetishism of action heroines is a central theme throughout. Crack

The topic is analyzed as an insight into the transgressive image of the dominatrix, as a refection of the shift in popular feminism from second-wave politics to third-wave and post-feminist pleasures, and as a form of patriarchal backlash that facilitates a masculine fantasy of controlling strong female characters. Brown interprets the action heroine as a representation of changing gender dynamics that balances the sexual objectification of women with progressive models of female strength. While the primary focus of this study is the action heroine as represented in Hollywood film and television, the book also includes the action heroine's emergence in contemporary popular literature, comic books, cartoons, and video games. Author by: Julian Sher Languange: en Publisher by: Chicago Review Press Format Available: PDF, ePub, Mobi Total Read: 53 Total Download: 462 File Size: 49,7 Mb Description: They are America's forgotten children, the hundreds of thousands of child prostitutes who walk the Las Vegas Strip, the casinos of Atlantic City, the truck stops on interstates, and the street corners of our cities. Many people wrongly believe sex trafficking involves young women from foreign lands. In reality, the majority of teens caught in the sex trade are American girls--runaways and throwaways who become victims of ruthless pimps.