Why Choose PDF Studio? Adobe® Acrobat® isn’t the only PDF software out there. See what makes PDF Studio different and why you should switch! PDF Studio™ is an all-in-one, easy to use PDF editor that provides all PDF features needed (see ) at one third the price of Adobe® Acrobat® and maintains full compatibility with the Adobe PDF Standards. 1/3 the price of Adobe Acrobat. Deploy to more users for same price Works on Windows, Mac, & Linux.

Each user license can be used on 2 machines of any OS. Fully compliant with the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) Specifications. • Duke University • Massachusetts Institute of Technology • Texas A&M University • Honolulu Community College • Clayton State University • Princeton CCR • Aizu University, Japan • University Hospital Health Systems • Ohio Department of Transportation • NASA • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) • Georgia Pacific Corporation • and more Testimonials I just want to say how pleased I was to see how much substance you put into your software. I’m also impressed with your online user guide, as well as the multi-platform support. So much software is offered without a user guide, depending on a “knowledge base” to help people learn. Very inefficient So, THANK YOU!

– John Thompson This program puts Acrobat to shame. Keep up the good work! – A linux user. – Tim Aiken I just purchased PDF Studio Pro for personal use after spending a couple of days extensively trailing a whole bunch of other similar software.

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I’m an architect and use Acrobat Pro at work on a daily basis but I have to say that your software absolutely blows it out of the water! I have also used Bluebeam PDF software extensively on my previous Windows machine and again PDF Studio outshines it and is in my opinion, much better value for money. PDF Studio Pro runs seamlessly on my Mac and I’m finding the interface/menus intuitive, logical and extremely easy to use. From a functionality viewpoint your software does everything that Acrobat/Bluebeam does but is far simpler and much easier to navigate/operate – I’ve not found any limitations yet. As you probably gathered by now, I am extremely impressed, so thank you for a fine piece of software that is a joy to use. – Walter Carniato.

Drawboard PDF is the top paid Windows PDF app to read, annotate and mark up your PDFs. Even Microsoft is pre-installing this app on their Surface devices. Today, Drawboard PDF released v5.0 beta for Windows 10 with greatly increased performance and stability. Another important thing they announced is that Drawboard PDF will only be updated on Windows 10.

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Windows 8.1 and 8 versions will no longer be updated. In order to prevent the app lag and file corruption issues, they have removed auto-save feature. Find the change log below. Features: • Drawboard PDF is now a Universal Windows Platform (Windows 10) application. • Support for Cortana.

• Support for Windows 10 Drag and Drop. Improvements: • Greatly improved memory usage. • More responsive UI. • Context menu now lives down the bottom of the document in a short options bar. • Enhanced disk caching • New inking technology – ink is faster and instantly visible on the canvas.

• New radial menu technology and interaction animations. • Text review tools now appear as you drag the stylus. • Text review tools now support opacity. • Redesigned Polygon tool.

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