The following link leads to a folder with the tools used by Tux to prepare his repacks. Also included are articles which he put on his old blog.

I have the pleasure of adding an article Tux lost and that I had saved, which is the tutorial 'Making your Dreamcast analog new again'! Tux, If you want the original document I had saved, I will be happy to deliver the file.

Just ask me!! (as stated earlier, you can contact me simply by sending me a PM on the forum of the SNES-O-Rama, through of ). To burn the games, Tux recommends to use Disc Juggler Professional. When his blog was still active, he provided a link to the version 4.10.1084 of the program. I saved this file and I am providing to you now. Lego marvel super heroes videos.

Try to avoid to use other programs. I don't guarantee the games will work well in the same way of a game burned by the Disc Juggler. And please, don't mount the ISO in a virtual drive to make a disc copy, because you will lose important informations, like the disc's dummying, file orders and the links to the redundant files. After installing the program, go to File > New.

When you open a window asking for a New Task, select the Burn CD and DVD images option. On the Source tab, click the big button and select the ISO you want to burn. Make any other desired settings and, to start to burning the disc, press the Start button. Some projects I work on have problems that could not be solved. Hence I couldn't make correct releases of these titles.

Here I list the games, the problems and other comments. Any help is welcome. 1) Armada (WinCE game): - Game was hacked using bincon and it boots and works fine. - The game has one CDDA track, that had to be edited to fit on CD. - If you put CDDA track as first track, game will play CDDA.

Problem: CDDA behavior is different of original GD. CDDA track resets after pausing the game or entering a shop. Failed tries: - I tried to modify everything that looked like a reference: CDDA LBA start value, CDDA LBA relative start value, CDDA duration (in bytes, samples and sectors) and CDDA end. CDDA behaviour had not changed. 2) The Next Tetris Online Edition (WinCE game): - Game was hacked using bincon and it boots and works fine. - CDDA doesn't work properly. Every time a CDDA track is supposed to play, the whole CDDA tracks starts playing.

For example, if game tries to play track 05, it starts playing track 01 instead. After track end, if game wants to restart the track, it can't, and go to next track. It's like the game doesn't know where CDDA tracks are. It's basically the same behavior of Armada (see above) and other WinCE games that I'm having trouble (see below).


Dreamcast Collection « 4PLAYERS Games Direct DownloadPC PS4 PS3 XBOX360 RGH ISO DLC [Direct Downloads].

So, if I could fix one game, I probably would figure out a general solution for all the games. - The (terrible) Accession release of this game has the same wrong behaviour, but they released it saying it works fine, but it doesn't.

- It doesn't matter if you use dummy tracks or not, it will start from track 01 and play the tracks sequentially. 3) KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child (WinCE game): - Game was hacked using bincon and it boots and works fine. - Wrong behavior of CDDA, the same problem that I'm having with others WinCE + CDDA games. - CDDA must be edited to fit on a standard CD-R.


- There is a release around saying that CDDA is included. CDDA plays but behavior is not the same of the GD. It has the same problem that I'm having and it's not perfect. 4) Virtua Cop 2 (Standalone JAP disc) (WinCE game): - Game was hacked using bincon and it boots and works fine. - CDDA doesn't play at all.

5) Guilty Gear X: - I have edited CDDA, so all tracks would be present on my release. Echelon's release has some tracks ripped off. - This game is protected, and I can't hack them. - I can't revert Echelon's re-link, so their binary would play all the tracks and I could use on my release. I also can't hack the game by myself, even using a byte to byte comparer with Echelon's release. The best I could do was make the game work without CDDA, that is not enough.

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