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$112 today from reserve notification, to full up, at $3.75/Gallon. That's an average of 8.2mpg. That of course was towing #12,000. So in that regard, that isn't so bad! Seriously though, I get about 14mpg on flat ground, with nothing in the truck. I average lower by me, because I am always up and down mountains (averages about 13).

Ran into another field trialer, bought the same truck as me (with extended cab not crew) but with 3:73 gears, he says he gets about 12mpg highway, so not sure that the 3:73 would be that underpowered. May seem odd, but wind more than load affects mpgs for me. I'm at about 13mpg on the highway unloaded; as high as 14 with a tail breeze. 10mpg pulling a cargo trailer a littke more with a tail breeze. As low as about 8.5 into the wind. A solid 10.5 mpg around town stop and go, unloaded. No 4 cyl baloney on these engines.


GM didn't make them to save gas and they are outside of the CAFE requirements. Combustion on 1 piston [L2] Posts: Joined: Feb 12 2014, 11:40am Years of membership: Location: Southern Midwest Year: 2009 Make/Model: Chevrolet Silverado Extra Info: 2500 Group Membership: •. Thanks for all the reply's regarding the 6 litre Chevy truck engine. I am right in the ball park. Funny though as I towed my 5th wheel 15,000 miles with my 2004 5.3litre and averaged 11mpg. I bought the 2012 2500, 6litre and thought I would average about 13mpg towing the same 5th. Poorer milage with the 2500, but an easier tow.

No big deal, as I we do love the 2012. Newbie Posts: Joined: May 29 2014, 5:41am Years of membership: Location: Vancouver bc Year: 2012 Make/Model: Chevrolet Silverado Extra Info: 2500 6.0L 4x4 Group Membership: •. The city mileage is ugly.


Empty taking my truck 2 time a day doing short move is doing 6-7 mpg this is very bad. Highway empty 15-16 mpg, with a trailer and a atv, 12-13 mpg. Towing 8000 pound rv on highway is 8-9 mpg I buy a 2500hd only because I want a 4 door and long box. I like my hd because the truck drive like empty when i drive with an atv in the box and full packed of stock. If you considering not towing frequently over 5000 pound and you not need a crew cab with a long box and you not need the extra suspension toughness for towing and you not need the look of an hd you better with a 1500. Because empty the mileage difference is an easy 2-3 mpg and the price difference.

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