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Eames Century Modern 26 OTF Eames Century Modern is a typographic workhorse that honors the Eames aesthetic while offering unprecedented functionality. An eighteen-style serif typeface family strikes an unprecedented balance between distinctive idiosyncrasies, readability and space economy. Its 18 styles include gracefully complementary italics and a virtually endless supply of deep text handling features.

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Midcentury Christmas: Holiday Fads, Fancies, and Fun from 1945 to 1970 Hardcover – October. Charles & Ray Eames, and Alexander Girard. I didn't learn anything new reading this, I guess because I have read so many others that deal with Christmas in the mid 20th century. Soal cpns honorer k2 2016. Plenty of nice photos though. One person found this helpful. VINTAGE MIDCENTURY MODERN EAMES ERA EYE BALL ORB LIGHT 4 ALUMINUM. EAMES ERA AFCO ORB LIGHT FOR ALUMINUM CHRISTMAS TREE.

Carefully-weighted small caps, nine different figure styles, ligatures, contextual alternate forms and thousands of lines of computer code give Eames Century Modern a significant edge in contemporary design environments. A stencil font on the heaviest weight of Eames Century Modern takes the curvature of bent plywood and abstracts the shapes into type.