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The Tests Performed and Test Notes For the tests we left the compression/size settings in each program at the default. Backup companies obviously test their own software to find what they believe is the best blend of performance and compression, so it makes sense to use what they recommend. As these programs are designed to be used straight away with minimal tweaking, the defaults should be good enough for the vast majority of scenarios. The System Used For Testing: CPU: Intel Core Quad Q6600 @ 2.4Ghz RAM: 4GB DDR2 800Mhz Windows HDD: 7200RPM SATA 300GB Backup HDD: 7200RPM SATA 250GB O/S: Clean Windows 8.1 64-bit fully patched, defragged and checked for errors. What Tests Were Performed: Test #1 – Make a backup image of the Windows 8.1 boot drive. The image is created on the second internal HDD and the amount of data to backup from C is 12.8GB. Jdbctemplate query for object. Test #2 – After installing a game which adds an overall 2.2GB to the C drive, we perform an incremental backup.

Test #3 – This is similar to Test #1 but the backup of the Windows drive is from the bootable CD/USB media available in the application. Test #4 – The time taken to restore the backup image from Test #1 to the original hard drive from the bootable CD/USB media. Test #5 – Similar to Test #4 apart from the the backup and also the incremental backup from Test #2 is restored to the hard drive. What is Incremental Imaging? In addition to a full backup, another often used method we’re testing is incremental backup.

After the initial full backup, if the next is an incremental backup, only the changes on the drive between those two points in time are saved. This theoretically makes it quicker to run a backup and produces a smaller image because you’re only recording changes, not everything.


Any subsequent incremental backups will only record what has changed on the drive since the last incremental image was made. Although incremental imaging is fast and efficient when backing up, it is known to be slower to restore because the backup software has to work through all the incremental image files. It also means you need every backup image to be intact to perform a complete restore, however many there are. General Software Notes Drive Snapshot – We used the differential backup mode because there is no incremental option. Because only a single increment is taken after the full backup, there should be virtually no difference between the two backup methods in terms of file size or speed.