Sales statistics What is the average number of enquiries received per annum, worldwide? What% of these enquiries is actually quoted for? Swap Of the enquiries quoted for, what% are handled by Sales Team Therefore, it is assumed that the rest of the enquiries are handled by Application Engineering (AE) Team What% of quotes handled by Sales Team need to be reworked due to internal errors What% of quotes handled by AE Team need to be reworked due to internal errors What is the additional time (in%) required to change these quotes? • for Sales Team • for AE Team What is the average value of each quote? What is your overall sales success rate in%? (i.e., what% of quotes convert into orders).

Selection software for Expansion Joints Configurator Solutions makes selection & configuration software for manufacturers of Expansion Joints. Broad features are: • Models are selected based on axial, angular, lateral movement calculated or entered by user. • Forces and moments acting on anchors can be calculated based on model selected.

Unreinforce design software for Expansion joints (Bellows) is available as per EJMA standard.

• Stress induced in bellows, fatigue life & theoretical spring rate can be calculated. • Selection of material based on type of fluid, temperature & pressure is possible.

All calculations are based on EJMA standard. Let’s take a look at the features & functionality provided. User inputs precise accepts the following inputs from the user: Fluid Data Section This section allows a user to select the Fluid, Flow Rate, Max Operating Pressure, Min & Max Operating Temperature & Pipe Size.

Movement Section This section allows a user to specify one or more movements. • Axial – The user is able to select Axial movement. The cumulative total of Compression & Extension will be considered for Axial movement. • Compression – the user is allowed to enter value if known or else will be allowed to calculate.

• Extension – the user is allowed to enter value if known or else will be allowed to calculate. • Lateral – User is able to select & enter data for Lateral movement. • Concurrent – Concurrent option is enabled only if user selects Axial & Lateral movement. • Angular – Angular option will not be available if user has selected Axial or Lateral movement. Similarly if user selects Angular movement, Axial & Lateral movement options are disabled. User will be able to select & enter data for Angular movement in degree rotation. • Single Plane – On selecting this option, Hinge expansion joints will be filtered.

• Multi Plane – On selecting this option, models of gimbal expansion joint will be filtered. Material, Connection & Accessory Section Materials Select Bellow & Fitting materials. Connection Select appropriate connections required.

Accessories Pick accessories such as Sleeve or Cover. Output Section Based on the user inputs in Fluid Data section, flow velocity is calculated. Based on user selections, various models are evaluated & eligible models are listed. EJMA Results Section EJMA Result section displays results of the various stress & force calculations performed as per the EJMA standards. Installation Guidelines Section This section provides information about the distances between anchors, bellow & guides considering the total pipe length & the amount of forces acting on fixed anchors.


Axial Calculator The user is able to select Pipe Material. The minimum & maximum temperatures entered by the user are considered. Precise calculates Thermal Expansion depending on the pipe length. Inputs required to perform EJMA calculations are: • Db = inside diameter of cylindrical tangent and bellows convolutions • t = one ply thickness • Lt = bellows tangent length • tc = bellows tangent reinforcing collar material thickness • Lc = bellows collar tangent length • Dc = mean diameter of bellows tangent reinforcing collar • Dm = mean diameter of bellows convolutions • N = number of convolutions • q = convolution pitch • rm = mean radius of bellows convolution • w = convolution height • n = number of bellows material plies.

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