Feb 22, 2013  Calculate Distance Between Two Zip Codes I am very new to using Macros for Excel and I was wondering if there was a way to calculate the distance between two zip codes. The beginning zip code is in column A and the destination zip code is in column B.

Zip code to zip code calculator excel

Gambar powerpoint yang menarik. Thanks Taul and SpliierBD!! When I enter the function, I get a compiling Error. This part of the code is highlighted in yellow: 'Function G_DISTANCE(Origin As String, Destination As String) As Double' and this part of the first Dim is highlighted; 'myRequest As XMLHTTP60' Any ideas? Set a reference to Microsoft XML v6.0 In the VBA editor - Tools>References>Microsoft XML, v6.0 Also, SpillerBD suggests using Google API - He is right, it gives more control and will return the road distance, my method gives straight line distance from the center of the zip codes. Thank you sir, it’s all about getting the best result, whoever provides it. I have looked at some downloadable spreadsheets that are out there, the only reasonable one I was able to find was from Juice Analytics called Geocoding Tool v3.1.xls search for it on line, it’s free. It uses Yahoo geocoding and requires a Yahoo account, it works great for the US but not very good for the UK, so I abandoned it but it may be useful to you.

Ultimate spiderman game crack sites. There may be a Google maps version but it didn’t exist a few years ago when I was playing with this sort of thing. Or maybe I should say, I couldn’t find one.