INCOMING MESSAGE FROM THE GOLDEN PATH: The Far Cry 4 Open World Mod lets you experience the game in a truly open world fashion by removing the specific requirements from skills, weapons and signature weapons. It also unlocks the North from the beginning of the game so you can travel the entire map and even bypass the campaign if you so desire.

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PrologueFar Cry 4 Prologue Save Game My Summer Car

Features include: * Unlocks all the weapons and signature weapons in the shop (you still have to buy them of course) * Adds the ability to buy attachments for all weapons (aka the Attachments Mod) * Adds back the ACE signature version of the A52 Assault Rifle * Removes all the requirements from skills so you can purchase them whenever you like (you still need to acquire them in order - i.e. One health slot, then 2 health slots, then 3 health slots, etc.) but you no longer have to wait until later in the game to buy them nor do you have to do 'x' amount of certain things to unlock them. * Opens the North from the very beginning of the game. The map will still be covered in fog until you climb bell towers to remove the 'fog of war'.

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The Kings Bridge will still warn you of 'Dangerous Territory Ahead' when you try to go into the north, but the game will not prevent you from doing so should you wish to. (Remember you were warned if you go there early - the Royal Army doesn't mess around * The only items still 'locked' are the items you gain access to from the Trade Agreement Skill (sticky explosives and fire/explosive arrows) since that is the only purpose of the skill. Also the Guns for Hire abilities require certain levels of Karma which makes sense because the Golden Path is only going to help you if you help the people of Kyrat. Otherwise all guns, etc. Are unlocked from the very beginning.

* Includes optional save games to jump start you at after the prologue (so you can skip dinner with Pagan and Darpan if you want) and also after the first Outpost is liberated (so you can skip all of the 'tutorial' type missions if you want - the wolfs den, climbing the first bell tower, etc.) In addition there are optional versions available with easier crafting requirements (removes the Fashion Week requirements) and optional version with more immersion (longer days & nights, press instead of press and hold, removes enemies from minimap, removes sniper lasers from enemy snipers, etc. Etc.) You can find out more or download and try the mod here: Thanks so much and Stay Fierce my Friends!

I tried the Mod and started after the tutorials. So no wolf to unlock another weapon slot. It was awhile before I realized i could bait one. I might try the Mod again but start earlier, to at least bag some wolves early on. Yeah the included saves start you off with as little as possible so you'll need to hunt to get the skins you need etc. If you use the one at the first village though you can play through the 'Wolf's Den' mission where Amita gives you the bow and asks you to clear a den of wolves near a farm. This will give you a bunch of skins to start with.

The other option is the bait trick you used. With a bow you can rack up a ton of skins in about 30 minutes of baiting and killing the animals that show up. Stand on the large rock right outside of the first town and all kinds of different predator animals will spawn with bait (also a bunch of goats often spawn right at the entrance to that town) Of course you can always use the world map to find animals and go on a 'hunting trip'.