Nintendo DS Stylus Metal Fight Beyblade DS is the first Beyblade video game for the Nintendo DS and is based on the manga,. It was only released in Japan, and it is very likely to never have an English release due to it being based on the manga which has not been released in North America, and the fact that it uses an outdated system of Beyblades. It was released on March 26, 2009.

Film Metal Fight Beyblade Sub Indonesia

It was re-released a year later, on March 26, 2010 called Metal Fight Beyblade DS (Sale Price Edition) and came with an exclusive. Contents [] Game Details Metal Fight Beyblade DS is a Beyblade video game based on the manga, Beyblade: Metal Fusion. It is similar to past Beyblade games by having to take down your opponent's Beyblade in attacks and finishing moves. It is able to do 2-player versus mode via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

Story The game follows the story in the manga, Metal Fight Beyblade., a Beyblader searching the country to bring back the Forbidden Bey, L -Drago which was stolen from his village, by the evil Katol, leader of, an organization who wants to use's power to control the world. Gingka goes on his quest with his friends,, and, to stop Katol in his rise to power.

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Nov 17, 2018 - Synopsis. Ginga Hagane and his crew of Bladers are back and ready to take on new challenges. The World Championship beckons,. Metal Fight Beyblade. Like and Share our website to support us. The story of a teenager and his quest to become the best blader in the world. Genre: Action, Animation, Family. Actor: Jason Deline, Carter Hayden, Andrew Jackson, Scott Gorman, Rob Tinkler. Director: Katsumi Hasegawa. Country: Japan.

Film Metal Fight Beyblade Sub Indonesia

Contents [] Sypnosis It is an metal fight Movie where the bladers battle against sol blaze. Featured Beybattles • flame libra vs flame saggitaro • Sol Blaze(Helios) VS Earth Eagle(Tsubasa) VS Dark Bull(Benkei) VS Earth Virgo(Teru) VS Dark cancer(Tetsuya) VS Flame Libra(Yuu)n VS Ray Unicorno (Masumane) VS 3 Other Bladers. • rock Leone(Kyoya) VS Dark Poseidon (Bakim) Sol Blaze (Helios) VS Galaxy Pegasus (Ginga) Featured Beys • Sol Blaze • Dark Poseidon • Galaxy Pegasus Characters • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Trivia • At the month of August 2010, there were special movie tickets whereas if someone is lucky enough, they may recieve an limited edition Sol blaze with an Pernemant red painted fusion wheel.

• Teru Saotome, Tetsuya Wataragani, Hyoma and Ryutaro Fukami return in this feature length film. • The featured track by YU+KI (Spinning the world) was featured in this movie, the movie trailers and the movie commercials. • In the movie, it is the first time Flame Saggitario Battles Galaxy Pegasus.