The main character, a 😒 emoji that has the odd ability of changing expressions. •: The other emojis treat him as an outcast after finding out his secret. •: Has an moment while staring at a male clock emoji's clock hands. Also has shown interest in Jailbreak. •: Has a thick brow shape which he gets from his parents.

•: He learns this after going through his journey. •: Has a gap in his teeth. •: Gene's 'malfunction' (the ability to change faces) allows him to evade the bots by making himself look like a different emoji.

•: The creators implied that his secret is a metaphor for the trials and tribulations of gay people. •: We are first introduced to him in his apartment in front of a mirror, singing while trying on different ties and flipping back and forth between the bored face he's supposed to make, and an excited face. Gene: I gotta be MEH! I gotta be MEH! •: Experiences one when being scanned for the first time, causing a rather strange face to appear in Alex's text message and destroys the text center as a result.

Film The Emoji Cartoon Girl

The face of a girl, smiling. Differentiated from the woman emoji by the hairstyle which features pigtails which are not present on the woman. Girl was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015. 👫 Man and Woman Holding Hands A man and a woman holding hands, most likely due to being in a relationship. Man and Woman Holding Hands was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

•: Ironically, despite being defined by his ability to have more than one emotion, Gene has very little actual character. •: Has medium-green eyes which he inherits from his father, representing he's a free spirit and has more than one feeling to his personality. •: He is the main character of the film, and is treated as a hero when he saves the day from the trouble that he himself caused. •: He temporarily reverts to his apathetic programming out of heartbreak due to Jailbreak rejecting him. •: His basic goal. •: His ability to change expressions was actually brought down to him by Mel, who admits he was so ashamed by this that he spent his entire life trying to hide it, even from his own family. •: The Feminine Boy to Jailbreak's Masculine Girl.

•: He is named after a sequence of DNA or RNA serving as code for a number of molecules to function. In addition, the name 'Gene' is English for 'well born', which sets him up as the amongst all other emojis.

•: Despite being the catalyst behind the plot in the first place, he's a very well-meaning and kind fellow. •: Intentional or not, he is responsible for the film's conflict and the phone nearly getting erased, nearly dooming everyone in the phone. •: Gene enters a because Jailbreak rejects his advances, in part because of his antiquated views of romance. Twincat 3 1 keygen generator. •: The only face emoji who has multiple emotions, not that the rest of them have much choice in the matter. •: Sensitive Guy to Hi-5's Manly Man.

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