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I have C330 with American maps 2008 and I purchased 2009. The problem is when I try to update with 2009 it tells me I have no space on the device. I can't figure out HOW REMOVE/UNLOAD maps present on my device (2008 ones) so that I can upload 2009 update! I do not want to use SD Card and Garmin said its possible to unload previous maps. I do not have programmable data card or SD card so when I try to use 2009 update it says - no space available on device. Thanks in advance! I'm having the same problem, does anyone have a solution?

Free map updates for garmin streetpilot c330

Feb 2, 2010 - How do i update my Unit to the new maps as they are 2 years + old.

What does Garmin support say? Tim, I'm trying to install the 2009 maps on my brother-in-law's C340 and I get the same 'out of space' message with MapInstall. Ed marlo cardician pdf merger.

I've tried to install just a single state but I get the same message. The GPS is apparently completely full. And unlike the Nuvis that I'm a little more familiar with this GPS doesn't seem to have a way to mount it as a drive under Windows, so there's no manual way to delete the map. Are there perhaps different MapInstall programs? I'm using the version that I used for my Nuvi760.


Hello HappyFunBoater: I'm trying to do the same thing as you were back in June. I would like to be able to store the current V8 map on the computer as a backup and replace it with 2009 but, I get the same message as you were getting. Did you ever get an answer as how to do this. I'm sure it can be done as I've read where it was being talked about, I just haven't found the steps as to how.:( Sorry, I never got this to work on my brother-in-law's C340. I'll see him again over Thanksgivings and will probably give it another try. Sorry, I don't know how to remove the original map and don't understand why it would be needed. But you can place your map on an SD memory card.

The.img file you have might be usable as-is if you just create a Garmin folder in the root of the card, name the file gmapsupp.img and copy it there. On the device click the wrench icon > Map > Map Info.

This will allow you to disable the pre-loaded map and enable the map on the card. If the map doesn't work, you will need to compile your.mp file with cgpsmapper: If you like, you can then install the map in Mapsource and use it to send the map to the card. See this tutorial: Manual for your StreetPilot is here.

Thats jus it. There is no map info option. I cant find what map is on there. The reason why i'm wanting the orginal map out is because I'm no longer in USA and I dont want the the entire map on there. Preferably only part of florida if not then I would like everthing else to be removed and my custom maps to be placed on there. This is getting to be really frustration.

Think i'm just gonna smash the device! It's not possible because the preloaded maps and voices are in it's eeprom. You can do a reset but that deletes your settings, recent locations, and waypoints. It does not set the OS back to factory though; that's a different hack.

You can always use this to select only maps you want, and load them onto your sd card: I just got this device as a hand me down, and I was wondering why on mine it says 'ROM Fail' on the top-right corner debug screen. But everything else passes.