In the fourth edition of Freeware Friday, flight simulation guru and Youtuber Novawing24 continues his countdown of top 10 freeware add-ons for FSX: Steam Edition: Ok so I might be cheating a little here but I think these go hand in hand. This is actually two add-ons for your FSX experience. Being able to land on a carrier is an exhilarating experience and the options in FSX by default to do this are rather limited. AICarriers was created to allow you to place a Sim object at a specific place to be able to see and interact with it. The original release by Lamont Clark was powered by Java, and although it is an awesome tool it was plagued by problems. With the birth of FSX:SE and updates to operating systems these issues became more apparent, so community member ollyau updated it to remove the requirement for Java and instead has it use dotNET.

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USS Nimitz & USS Eisenhower V2 FSX & P3D HOT Download. Downloads: 149 246. Size: 22.5 MB. License Freeware. Here is the USS Nimitz & USS Eisenhower warships aircraft carrier from the US fleet. Download metin2 mobber hack ultimate v4c. This is an add-on called AI (Artificial Intelligence) that is controlled by the computer.This high-quality add-on. USS Enterprise CVN-65 FSX User Manual each providing 35,000shp, the hull had to be enlarged to accommodate the size of the reactors, which meant a much larger flight deck.

Now fully functional with modern operating systems this is an excellent tool. The Nimitz HD add-on from Javier Fernandez is an implementation of two modern Nimitz class carriers, the USS Nimitz and the USS Eisenhower complete with HD textures and a wealth of features to explore. These are fully enabled with arresting gear and catapults and come complete even with a SH-60 Plane guard. They offer a variety of formats from an empty deck to different configurations for air-ops.

The detail of these carriers are incredible and definitely something to grab if you ever have the urge to try and land on a postage stamp on the ocean. AICarriers.NET mod – USS Nimitz and USS Eisenhower HD – Please note Dovetail Games does not provide customer support for freeware add-ons. Want to start from the beginning? For the first installment of Freeware Friday. Do you have a favourite freeware add-on you use in FSX: Steam Edition? Share it with your fellow simmers in t he comments below!

Review June 20, 2011 VRS F/A-18E Superbug for FSX by Introduction Finding payware aircraft in FSX is pretty simple. Trying to find outstanding payware aircraft for FSX can be a bit daunting. Has hit the outstanding aircraft target with their release of the VRS F/A-18E Superbug. The aircraft model, skins and a few additions I’ll mention later have set the bar high for other developers. The VRS F/A-18E Superbug aircraft is carrier-based which makes it perfect for.

Whether you’re doing touch-and-go landings or actually catching the three-wire on the deck and pretending you’re in Top Gun, it doesn’t get much better than this. Here is a video I did showing the VRS F/A-18E Superbug in action. The Good Stuff Rarely is there a simulation or add-on aircraft where one feels like they are actually in the real aircraft. Sitting inside looking around the cockpit via technology is awesome. I was 'there'. The majority of the buttons inside the cockpit are clickable, each with its own task. Some buttons you will see or hear their results. Others are part of the startup process.

After the service pack became available, you can see the differences in the HUD. It looks more realistic.

The aircraft model and skins/repaints are top quality. At full zoom, it is apparent the time and painstaking effort that went into this product. For Javier’s carrier fans, there are repaints to match the USS Nimitz and Eisenhower squadrons. Avionics/MFDs The three multifunctional displays are for various scenarios including air-to-air, air-to-ground or navigational purposes. Once the has been released () learning them will prove more than beneficial. I explored them briefly and found some use once I figured out how to land on Javier’s carrier via ILS / Tacan.

For this aircraft, reading the manual is essential. If you don't, you will miss a lot. I’ll have to study the manual more once the has been released. The VRS F/A-18E Superbug has extra commands not mapped in the standard FSX controls. To enter the aircraft’s special list, press 'Shift-Ctrl-M' and once again to return to standard FSX control. This added list has other features such as how quickly the front wheel turns (needed especially on carrier and less so at land-based airports).

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