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Workbook answer key 1 25 Unit4 50 Photocopy Masters Book notes 133 Unit 5 58 Wordlist 143... • Starter: @0o:!Wl~ ~ p22 p 25 p33 p41 p49 p50 p58 p66. (Family and Friends iTools) The Test Builder is part of the Family and Friends iTools disc (see below).

It prov i des edi table versions of the tests in the Testing. Each unit match the words and grammar taught in the Class Book.

As in Family and Friends, the everyday activities of the members of an extended family and their fr iends provide • 148 • 9,908 • 48. Any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

- 1 - Seeking help for depression from family and friends: A qualitative analysis of perceived advantages and disadvantages Kathleen. Family and friends was seen as an advantage by many participants. In contrast to professionals, family and friends were perceived as approachable, available whenever they were needed ‘day. Of the source of informal support emerged as a further important perceived advantage of seeking help from friends and family members. Trustworthiness was seen as a key attribute of family and • 35 • 423 • 0. Au, aw and or spellings 58 wooden Describing words 107 desert Places 26 horse au, aw and or spellings 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 I 45 I 46 ' 47 > 48 > 49 r War The. Words and grammar taught in the Class Book.

As in Family and Friends, the everyday activities of the members of an extended family and their friends provide the contexts for the presentation. Classroom and promotes the values of family and friendship: co-operation, sharing, helping, and appreciating those who help us. This level of Family and Friends includes the following: Class Book • 150 • 9,567 • 101. Fri Sat Sun Thu I 2 3 4 ^5 Vq@aL GrqJdm4t 6 7 I I t0 tl t2 t3 t4 t5 t6 t7 I8 t9 20 zl 27 zt tl 74 Conort 25 27 7E 29 Complete Grommor Time Exercise 2 on poge 108 of Workbook 4, I Listen, point.

Grammar Friends 4. A new six-level grammar practice series for 6-12 year olds. The series was written to support the syllabus of Family and Friends but is an ideal supplement to any elementary general English course. Because there is always a clear focus on the specific target grammar the units in Grammar Friends can be used in any. The following chart correlates Family and Friends Special Edition. Workbook International. Professional Development. (vocab + grammar).

Yesterday, t had a par$ Nvo days ago, And today my friends are coming to play, Coming to play, coming to play. And today my friends are coming to play. What a busy week. Was brilliant.

The audience clapped and cheered for ages. Max I've got an idea. Why don't we have a concert here, for our family and friendsz Amy Great ideat nnd let's • 122 • 2,389 • 38. Family and Friends Starter gives young learners a solid foundation in English. With a carefully graded reading and writing syllabus, accompanied by a clear phonics programme, the course takes learners from recognizing and tracing letters to writing and reading simple sentences with confidence. The stepbystep approach of this course and motivating lessons using songs, chants, stickers and story roleplaying enable children to progress quickly in English.

Point and repeat. ~ 03 2 Listen and chant.

~ 04 3 Point and say. Stick the stickers.

4 Starter Rosy, Tim, Billy. Hello, goodbye 1 Listen and repeat.

Grammar Family And Friends 4 Special Edition

~ 05 2 Listen and sing Trace the Lines and say. Crack detection matlab code generator. ~.~ Lesson Two Grammar and song ) I What's your name? Starter 5 Lesson Three Sounds and letters 1 Listen, trace and point. Repeat Listen, point and repeat. ($l14 2 Listen and chant.

($l15 3 Point and say. Stick the stickers. 10 Unit 1 red. White isten and repeat.

~ 16 isten and sing. ~ 17 • 74 • 7,690 • 183. Their sons/grandsons/granddaughters. Consolidation Workbook 6A pages 1 and 2 Module 1 Family and friends Unit 1 Family and relatives Tasks in this unit Talking about one’s family and relatives. Daughter, a sister and a granddaughter in my family. 3 The students tick the blanks in the column for ‘Me’ in the table. 4 Read Think and write.

The students introduce the family members and relatives. Cards; talking about family leisure activities and frequency. Language focus: Using demonstratives to refer to people e.g., These are my family and relatives. This is my grandfather. Language • 24 • 598 • 0. Is the seesow.,,'.,1 4. //Fq@ FSffi @@ W 5 s__s__, 14 Complete the text with in, on or under.1& quot;..

1 ^ - the book? O o D D 3 4 5 bo 1. Ienng Tom SoLl.g Fronk Bob A1 mum/@b 3 mum / sister!

Ther -trr ter unc cou bro It's Mum's book. It's Dod's book. This is mg foce. @ L-J o o o o o o @@$! @ oxforduniversityPress Fcrnlly ond Friends 1 Irc 1 Motch. 1 rubber 2 troin 3 bike 4 window 5 doLt ures.

3 Choose the onswer. @ o D o D Look • 47 • 19,362 • 248.