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Overview of Granado Espada For SEA Free Download PC Game 2017 Are you a game lover? If yes the you will love this awesome game.This game is also available for,,.We will provide you a highly compressed link for this game so you can download easily.It’s a virus free game feel free to download.You can download this game from Mega,Google Drive or Torrent.If you don’t know how to download this awesome game from Mega,Don’t worry we have made a tutorial for you.If you If you don’t know how to download From Mega Click. Granado Espada, the long-standing MMORPG beloved in dozens of countries around the world for its unique control system that allows you to take the role of up to 3 different characters simultaneously!

Now available in English to Southeast Asia players, from imcgames.

Granado Espada Bot Downloads

The bot was made by DrAcx all tanks to him The bot is back prety much the same thing but you have to create 'C: Program Files Granado Espada release user hotkey' to put the hotkey.xml in Haw to instal ( asuming the game is already instaled ): 1. Copy ge.exe to C: Program Files Granado Espada release 2. Copy ai.ipf to C: Program Files Granado Espada ge 3. Copy Hotkey.xml to C: Program Files Granado Espada release user hotkey 4. Open C: Program Files Granado Espada release user.xml Change the hotkey line from: to. Code: [COLOR='Red']Usage[/COLOR] To see that the AI is loaded correctly, when you first enter a map with your characters, you should see the system message: [AI] Initialized [AI] Detected: char1 / char2 / char3 Where char1-3 are the identifiers or names of your 3 characters. Journey the game for pc. (If you loaded less than 3 characters, the remaining will be defaulted to your last detected character).

- Everytime you load in new characters or re-order your team, you must use Shift+0 (see below) to re-initialize your characters with the AI for it to work properly. [COLOR='red']Keys[/COLOR] Notes: - GE shows only ~5 lines of system message in the bottom left corner of the screen. Sometimes messages will be longer than this, so you need to look at the 'System' tab of the chat box to see the whole thing. - Some combinations of AI actions can be used together, others cannot (ex. For Viki, auto-summon + auto-loot + sub-healing + auto-patrol works, but you cannot add auto-buff here as the stance conflicts with Viki's summoning stances).

Similar scenarios for other characters. - In many cases you must ensure the appropriate stance is currently selected before activating an AI action. Shift+F1 Displays all the hotkey commands. May be different from what is in the hotkey file if it is edited. Shift+F2 Show Current AI Info - Displays current AI settings. Shift+F5 Toggle Auto-Buff - Default=OFF. Scout/Viki with fortitudo will automatically perform buffs every ~600s.

Ensure fortitudo is the current stance before activating auto-buff. There are 3 settings: Int/Accel/Medi, Int/Fort/Medi, and OFF. Shift+F8 Toggle Viki Auto-summoning Skill Slot - Default=0. Change which golem Viki will auto-summon when auto-summoning is on. Options go from 0 - 4 where each number indicates a skill slot (0 = Summon Tary). Make sure to set this to the correct skill slot before turning on auto-summon as Viki will immediately start summoning whichever golem's skill slot is selected here.

Shift+F9 Toggle Auto-Summoning for Catherine, Jack, Angie, Yeganeh, Viki - Default=OFF. Catherine=Marionette, Jack/Angie=Construction, Yeganeh=DefensiveConstruction, Viki=Amicus/Castis. Install scom agent powershell.

Make sure to set the characters to the appropriate stance before turning auto-summoning on. Also good idea to turn on auto-patrol, as they need to be in patrol mode for auto-summon to work. Shift+F10 Toggle Jack/Angie/Yeganeh Fence Construction - Default=OFF. Set whether or not they will construct fences while auto-summon is on. Shift+F11 Toggle Jack/Angie/Yeganeh Support Wards Construction - Default=OFF. Set whether or not they will construct support wards while auto-summon is on. Shift+0 Reset AI to default settings - with the whole team selected, press Shift+0.