รายละเอียดสินค้า: Korg Ax3000G Effect รุ่นใหญ่สุดในตระกูล Korg Ax เพื่อเสียงคุณภาพสูง และครบเครื่องทุกอย่างที่มือกีตาร์ต้องการ A New Standard in Effects Every guitarist craves a better way to satisfy his hunger for ultimate tone and control. The new AX3000G satiates that need with a powerful multi-effect processor that reaches far beyond its predecessors. Featuring Korg's proprietary 'REMS' modeling technology, the AX3000G delivers high-quality modeling sounds and numerous ways to control those sounds in real time. With an expression pedal, a control switch, and an expression step sequencer, the AX3000G Modeling Signal Processor has all the elements a guitarist needs to fulfill his expressive vision.

AX3000G Streaming Video Demo The following video demonstrates the AX3000G's ESS feature as well as the 'REMS' modeling technology. To see video highlights of the event. Demos by Rob Math by Freddy DeMarco and Rob Math Main features • Korg's REMS modeling technology delivers 72 realistic classic and modern amp, cabinet and effects models. • Assignable control switch and expression pedal with 8 point LED pedal indicator for real-time parameter control. • New ESS (Expression Step Sequencer) automatically controls most effect parameters in a fixed or random step function that can create radical sound changes. • Sixteen types of drive and amp models cover everything from vintage overdrive to high-gain metal. • Eleven types of pre-effect, cabinet, modulation, delay and reverb modeled effects deliver a broad sound palette.

But a lot of the guitar sounds on Achtung Baby were recorded through a Korg A3. This lets you dial in specific delay times, has 99 user presets, and is. Hey, I've managed to achieve a pretty accurate U2 sound with a Korg AX3000G Multi. To emulate the sound - no ineernet, Youtube, Google.you were on your own.

• Transform your guitar with pickup, acoustic body and top, plus synth modeling effects. • Thirty-two preset programs are provided, plus the internal memory can hold 96 of your own original programs. • Send/return jacks let you connect your favorite distortion pedal or other effect unit. • MIDI IN/OUT allows you to edit and store original sounds on your computer using the dedicated editor/librarian software (Windows and Macintosh are supported). • Up to seven effects can be used simultaneously.

• Amp/line selector is included for maximum output versatility. • Heavy-duty metal chassis stands up to the rigors of travel and stage performance. • Auto Chromatic tuner with highly visible 8 point LED allows bypassed or muted (silent) tuning. • Backlit LCD ensures easy visibility.

Guitar effect patches for the korg ax3000g settings google docs

• Knob-based interface for quick, intuitive editing. Korg's legendary REMS technology delivers new amp, cabinet and effects models The AX3000G packs 72 types of amp models and effect sounds delivered by Korg's world-acclaimed 'REMS' modeling technology.

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In addition to true-to-life reproductions of a wide array of vintage and modern guitar amps and cabinets, REMS also provides standard effects such as chorus, delay and reverb, in gorgeous detail. These effects transcend the stereotypical concept of effects, and open up completely new vistas of sound for the electric guitar.

There are synth effects that model a guitar synthesizer, and completely new effects such as the Filtron that goes far beyond the conventional auto-wah. You can use the Acoustic effect to transform the sound of your electric guitar into that of an electro-acoustic, or Pickup Modeling to transform the tonal character of your pickups without switching guitars. Protel 99se download full. The AX3000G also provides send/return jacks that make it easy for you to connect your favorite effect unit There's even a digital output (S/P DIF optical) jack so you can digitally record your playing without losing any of the amazing sound produced by REMS. Expression pedal and control switch for even greater expressive power In addition to using the AX3000G's expression pedal in standard ways, such as to control volume or wah, you can freely assign the pedal to a variety of effect parameters for unrivaled expressive control. For example, if you assign the 'MANUAL' parameter of a flanger to the pedal, you can use the pedal to control the sweep, creating a highly distinctive sound. By assigning the pedal to control the delay time of the 'ECHO PLUS' effect (which models the sound of a tape echo), you can use the pedal to control delay time. There is virtually no limit to the new sounds you can create in this way – the pedal can control the reverberation time of a reverb effect, the modulation speed of a chorus, flanger, or phaser, and much more.