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Offering a range of functions revolving around remotely controlling your camera from a mobile device, Helicon Remote Mobile from Helicon Soft allows you to produce extended depth of field, high dynamic range, and time lapse imagery, as well as combinations of all three. Remote control over select Canon and Nikon cameras is possible over Wi-Fi for recording full-resolution stills and video, monitoring a live view image, and adjusting camera settings. The app also automates the process of producing images for extended depth of field, focus bracketed photos; high dynamic range composites; and time lapse movies. Support is available for remotely shooting burst sequences or, when paired with optional macro rails, Helicon Remote Mobile can control the speed of camera movement. Additionally, benefitting those who choose to work manually, the app can also serve as a hyperfocal distance calculator to determine the range of acceptable focus based on your lens and shooting conditions. Execute exe with parameters.

Remote Shooting For remote shooting over Wi-Fi with compatible cameras, this app lets you record and preview full-resolution JPEG or raw files using your Android or iPad's screen. This gives you the ability to more clearly check focus and exposure, as well as avoid unwanted camera movements, making it ideal for macro and studio applications. You are also able to remotely adjust a variety of camera settings, including aperture, shutter speed, ISO, flash modes, flash compensation, white balance and color temperature, image format, exposure compensation, and the drive/shooting mode.

Focus Bracketing Allowing you to composite imagery to generate an extended depth of field, this mode lets you set the nearest and farthest points of the object you want in focus while the application manages to determine the total depth of field required and how many individual shots need to be taken to comprise the entire in-focus range. This precise focusing tool lets you click or tap when working in live view to focus the lens, and then highlights the focused area for previewing depth of field with the current settings and makes incremental focusing steps. Exposure Bracketing For recording high dynamic range imagery, this mode automatically records up to 15 bracketed exposures to produce a long range of varying exposures for compositing in post-production. This mode can be paired with focus bracketing, as well, to produce high dynamic range, extended depth of field images. Long exposure times, up to 32 minutes, are possible with all compatible Canon cameras as well as Nikon D600, D800, D4, D7100, D5200, and later Nikon DSLRs. Time Lapse Time lapse shooting can be configured with Helicon Remote Mobile, allowing you to record subjects changing or moving over time. You can choose the intervals of when and how many images to record over a period of time, and time lapse shooting can be combined with focus and exposure bracketing techniques.

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Burst Shooting Remote burst shooting is possible for recording series of images in quick succession. Helicon Remote Mobile lets you choose the number of shots in a burst or to manually control start and stop times; number of continuous frames and the rate at which images can be recorded varies depending on the camera in use. Hyperfocal Distance Calculator In addition to creating extended depth of field imagery, the application can also be used to determine the hyperfocal distance based on the current lens in use and shooting conditions; the depth of field/range of acceptable sharpness at any specified distance; and the aperture, focal length, and circle of confusion information.

Burst Focus Bracketing with Macro Rails When paired with the optional StackShot macro rails, Helicon Remote Mobile can control the camera movement and speed together with continuous shooting rates to produce dynamic moving images. Compatibility Canon EOS 6D and 70D, as well as the following cameras when paired with compatible wireless adapters: EOS 5D Mark II + WFT-4A, 7D + WFT-5A, 1D C / 1D X + WFT-6A/B, 5D Mark III + WFT-E7A Nikon D5300, D5500, D7200, and D750, as well as the following cameras when paired with compatible wireless adapters: D5200 / D7100 + WU-1a; D600 / D610 + WU-1b; D4S / D800 / D800E / D4 / D7000 / D3X / D300 / D300S / D3S / D3 / D700 + WT-4A; D810 / D810A / D7200 / D750 / D4S / D800 / D800E / D7100 / D7000 / D4 + WT-5A.